Introduction to OpenEMR – LII 005

This LII course uses a variety of strategies and resources to assist learners with their desire to become more familiar with free open-source OpenEMR. This course is best utilized in conjunction with an accessible installation of OpenEMR. The online demo may be utilized to practice some of the tasks in this course, though it's not clear if all activities can be conducted on the demo site.


Topics covered in this course include:

  • Getting started
  • Main screen & navigation
  • Setting up your clinic
  • Adding a new patient
  • Using the calendar
  • New encounters and coding
  • Issues & immunizations
  • Patient notes & transactions
  • Basic billing
  • Accounting and receivables
  • Reporting


Each session has resources and activities that may be repeated until one feels comfortable moving on to the next session. However, even if no assignment is listed, log in to your copy of OpenEMR and practice working with the functions described. This will assist you with your learning objectives for the course.

Authors and Contributors

The author of this course is Rebecca A. Fein.

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