Management of Electronic Records – UMich SI655

This 2009 Open.Michigan graduate course examines the ways in which new information technologies challenge organizations' capacities to define, identify, control, manage, and preserve electronic records.

Students learn how different organizational, technological, regulatory, and cultural factors affect the strategies, practices, and tools that organizations can employ to manage electronic records. Problems of long-term preservation and continuing access to electronic records are analyzed and addressed. The course also covers electronic records management issues in a wide variety of settings, including archives and manuscript repositories.

Learning Objectives

This course will provide students:

* familiarity with the role of electronic records in accountability and sensitivity to what can go wrong if recordkeeping systems are inadequate or fail.

* knowledge of the legal, administrative, and financial issues related to electronic records and recordkeeping.

* awareness of standards and best practices for creation, retention, authenticity, security, and accessibility of electronic records.

* familiarity with systems, technologies, and tools that support electronic records management, and knowledge of criteria to evaluate their effectiveness.

* an understanding of the institutional variables (e.g., corporate culture, business activities, and information technology environments) that affect the implementation of recordkeeping and accountability requirements.

* skills in evaluating information systems for compliance with recordkeeping and accountability requirements.

Course Organization

The course is based on 13 lectures. Recommended reading is assigned with most every lecture. Lecture slides (PDF and PPT) are available for each session; however, no videos or audio is associated with the sessions. Several assignments were also given out during the course of the semester.

Original Syllabys

This is the original syllabus associated with this course: PDFFile IconOriginal syllabus for SI655

Further Reading

Recommended reading was assigned for every session. Consult the Recommended Reading for each session. No course text was assigned.

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