MediaWiki Basics – LII 001

This LIMSwiki-based course provides an introduction to MediaWiki software. The emphasis is on how to quickly learn the editing and formatting tools — the wiki markup — of the software so you can quickly get started on making meaningful contributions to the wiki.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • explain how wikis in general and MediaWiki in particular can be used by individuals and organizations.
  • create MediaWiki pages with links and other basic text formatting.
  • utilize the User and other namespaces in a MediaWiki installation.
  • add tables and multimedia to a MediaWiki page.
  • use templates, citations, and categories in a MediaWiki page.

Course Organization

The course provides an introduction to MediaWiki and wikis in general, followed by beginner, intermediate, and advanced editing concepts. A brief review of all the covered topics is also included, for a total of five sessions.

Editing activities are included with each session, thus requiring an account on a MediaWiki installation. If you don't have a LIMSwiki account and wish to contribute to the site, you can request an account. However, the activities in this course could easily be applied on your own wiki or even on Wikipedia, as the activities all take place in a user sandbox you create.

The activities are included both at the bottom of each linked LIMSwiki page and as a separate activity file. If you're not using LIMSwiki to complete the activities, ignore the final step of leaving a comment on the indicated user talk page. Instead, find a friend knowledgeable with MediaWiki to verify you've completed the activity properly.

Further Reading

No recommended reading material is assigned for this course.

Other Requirements

Students will best utilize this course via the desktop or laptop environment. While every effort has been made to make this course compatible with mobile platforms, they often provide challenges with embedded browser content like Adobe Flash videos and PDFs. This seems especially true in the Android environment.

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