Statistical Methods for Sample Surveys – JHSPH 140.640.01

This 2009 JHSPH OpenCourseWare graduate course presents construction of sampling frames, area sampling, methods of estimation, stratified sampling, subsampling, and sampling methods for surveys of human populations. Students use STATA or another comparable package to implement designs and analyses of survey data.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • design and implement surveys with the following sampling designs: simple random, systematic, stratified, cluster, and multistage.
  • estimate sample size for different sampling designs in order to estimate population level point estimates and testing null hypothesis.
  • explain and apply intraclass correlation and design-effects (DEFF) for complex surveys.
  • estimate design weights and adjust for non-response.

Course Organization

This course constitutes seven lectures and a project review during the eighth session. PDFs of lecture notes are available for all of the lectures. Labs were originally associated with this course, but no information exists about them for this OpenCourseWare course. No video or audio files are associated. A final project was given for this course, but specific details were limited.

Further Reading

The following texts are listed as required or recommended for the course:



No particular chapters or sections were linked with each session. Use your best judgement in matching content with sessions.

Other Requirements

Methods in Biostatistics II was originally a requirement for taking this class. STATA or another comparable package is required to implement designs and analyses of survey data.

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