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Bioinformatics Study Group

November 16, 2019 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

We are starting a new series of sessions focused on taking together the Coursera Genomic Data Science Specialization.

We will be meeting from Noon to 2PM for the next few months at UCSD Geisel library near the Audrey Cafe. You *must* bring your own wi-fi capable laptop and headsets/ear-phones !

Feel free to come and ask questions, share information and have a pleasant time with like-minded people. We co-locate with the Python users group which has been good to have programming questions asked/answered.

The Coursera sessions start June 4, but the first week videos and quizzes are already available.

Please sign up for Coursera and register for the following courses:

– Command line tools for Genomic Data Science

– Introduction to Genomic Technologies

Both of these courses are part of the Genomic Data Science specialization
This specialization consists in eight courses created by John Hopkins. University. We will be going through approximately a course a month.

The “Introduction to Genomic Technologies” is easy and very informative and does not have home work. We suggest to start it in parallel with a more challenging one.
The command line and the ability to manipulate fundamental bioinformatics files such as fastq , sam, bam, vcf etc… as well as launch many other bioinformatics programs from the command line are so important in a bioinformatics practitioner’s real life, that we are starting our studies with this class “Command line tools for Genomic Data Science”. Also the home work in that class will get you to manipulate a good example of typical bioinformatics data and prepare you well for all the other classes.

You do not have to take the paying option ($39/month). You can “audit” all courses for free: click on “Enroll” (not on “free trial” ) then in the bottom left corner of the dialog box: click on the riditinyscule legal-foot-print-like-font-sized “Audit”. Now you have access to everything including the quiz questions and the homework instructions. You just will not get graded by Coursera and you will not receive the official Coursera Certificate. But hold on: may be as a group we’ll figure out how to give you something you can brag about. Ideas any one ?

Of course I you feel like thanking/helping Coursera for their amazing contribution to learning for everyone, or if you want the additional incentive of getting an official certificate, by all means go ahead and pay. It is a tiny fraction of anything similar at the brick and mortar campuses.

No matter your choice, we’ll help each other anyway. You are encouraged to set your eyes on mastering the whole curriculum perfectly, and getting 100% correct answers to quizzes and homework!

Let’s the fun learning begin! Can’t wait to see you there ! 🙂


November 16, 2019
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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UCSD Geisel Library
Hopkins Parking Structure, San Diego, CA
San Diego, CA us
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