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Tender: Laboratory Information System for Anatomic Pathology

December 14, 2021 @ 12:00 pm

Solicitation #: Unknown

Azienda ospedaliera San Giuseppe Moscati is seeking “an integrated web information system to be installed in the corporate private cloud for the
management of the processes detailed below, which must ensure the availability of:

• a single management platform, equipped with an exhaustive suite of software modules, compliance with respect to the GDPR, as analytically described below;
• adequate support for consultancy, training and professional assistance, also following contractual updates and regulatory adjustments;
• professional support services for the recovery of the historical with maximum historical depth available, the start up and assistance in operation;
• processing and professional resources that guarantee the required service levels.

This initiative is part of the operational context of the Health System of the Region Campania which is undergoing strong organizational and procedural evolution and change and which has already started various evolution initiatives within public health structures. With this contract, therefore, it is intended to identify the project partner who supports the AO in:

• creating the New Information System of a focused Pathological Anatomy and Analysis Laboratory on the support of the clinical-organizational phases of competence;
• implement a new platform that fully complies with the choices that the Campania Region has placed in for the realization of the future evolutions of its information systems, characterized from integration with devices of any type (of different brands and models), aimed at managing the status of the devices, programming and receiving clinical data of patients to reduce the likelihood of possible errors with human transcription.
• provide the necessary organizational support, necessary for the review and new definition of all the clinical and management activities of the AO in order to ensure the dematerialization of the processes company and related documentation.”

NOTE: Translated from Italian; responses are expected to be in Italian