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Webinar: A Data First Approach To Digital Transformation

March 23 @ 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

“Organizations are always looking for ways to work faster and smarter by easily capturing information without causing too much grief for the end-users. Often these methods focus on what is being managed and how—customers, equipment, materials, samples, research, discovery, manufacturing products, complaints. Organizations then string together the needed data across these domains retrospectively.

What if the focus was on the data—how it flows through the organization, what we can derive from it, and how we can understand it from a cross-system perspective—before we choose our systems, upgrades, or technology platforms for analyzing the data? The technology approach matters, but the objectives for gaining value matter most.

In thirty minutes learn how putting your data first in technology decisions could help simplify your future. Technologies come and go; the need for data continuity and access to derive insights quickly is a constant. A cross-system view of the data, however, can be complex and challenging. Synergies between systems, work processes, and organizational structures add to the challenge.”