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Webinar: A Guide for Laboratory Systems Management, Part 7: Laboratory Processes

June 21, 2018 @ 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm EDT

In this seventh episode of the webinar series, we broaden our view to examine the full range of lab work, including the methods and procedures that put the “science” in lab work.

This webinar takes a look at:

* how the various informatics pieces relate to each other in the process of lab work, and
* what it takes to integrate them into computer-controlled, computer-assisted, and scientific production systems.

Why is this important to you? As the drive for higher productivity and improved ROI continues, laboratories need to take advantage of the full range of informatics and automation tools available to them. That includes viewing the lab's operations from a broader viewpoint, ensuring that resources are used effectively and opportunities aren’t missed. This concluding session brings the entire series to a close, allowing you to apply all the concepts we've covered to your lab's work, all while realizing how regulatory guidelines come into play.


A Guide for Management: Successfully Applying Laboratory Systems to Your Organization’s Work is a webinar series designed as a management level view of laboratory systems and is appropriate for anyone planning, reviewing, or approving the acquisition of laboratory informatics. A background in science is not necessary to follow the webinar material.  Its purpose is to provide you with an understanding of how these technologies (laboratory information management systems, electronic laboratory notebooks, scientific data management systems, laboratory execution systems, instrument data systems, and supporting technologies) can be used to support or improve your labs operations, and the considerations that need to be taken into account before they are purchased.

This subject will probably span more than one webinar session. We will look at the:

•        Methodologies for planning for laboratory systems, where do you start, when do you start, and who should be involved
•        The roles of regulatory guidelines in different laboratories
•        Roles that laboratory management, personnel and IT support groups play
•        The changes taking place in laboratory work and the backgrounds needed to be successful
•        The efforts needed to supporting the technical work and meeting ROI and performance goals


June 21, 2018
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
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