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Webinar: Breaking Down Barriers in Healthcare: Urgency for the Clinical Laboratory to Migrate from the Background to the Forefront of Patient Care

March 12 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT

"* How involved are labs in ensuring critical KPIs?
* How is valuable patient insight being proactively leveraged?
* How prepared is your health ecosystem to enable a greater role for the lab in the future?

If you are not asking these questions, then you need to register and watch this webinar. You will have access to download this eye-opening Whitepaper "Breaking Down Barriers in Healthcare"

The movement towards value-based healthcare has provided a platform for a better future for all involved in the health ecosystem. However, amongst the multitude of value initiatives, the clinical laboratory has largely been left to play a secondary role. Despite its core value principles of data, timely and efficient diagnosis, and patient centricity, the lab has been relegated to near commodity status. This is also indicative of a broader problem: a fragmented value chain that underexploits sources in decision-making, at a time when the health world’s stated focus is on outcomes.

Still, as a more welcoming environment for new ideas has emerged, there is clear recognition amongst all stakeholders that the lab can be part of the long-term solution. Executives, physicians, payers and patients recognize the lab can be a pivotal building block of an improved system. To put this key element in health at the forefront of care does require overcoming well-entrenched processes and culture, hurdles that have held back true transformation over the past decade.

This session will present the key results from the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) study aimed at identifying an actionable, achievable path for the lab to play an elevated role in healthcare."