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Webinar: Declutter your data: Optimize your way to the best digital process chemistry workflow

July 7 @ 5:00 am - 6:00 am

“In this one-hour webinar, industry experts will showcase process chemistry best practices for chemical industry companies in the early stages of their digital transition, showing how an integrated software platform can help you reduce unnecessary duplication of experiments – as well as valuable time spent acquiring necessary knowledge.

After outlining the most common business problems we often encounter, they’ll use a combination of presentation and live software demonstrations to show you how to streamline your data. You’ll see how PerkinElmer’s Informatics Signals Research Suite offers a chemistry-friendly solution, enabling you to capture and analyse all the data from your process chemistry workflow.

The content of this webinar is designed for chemists, laboratory technicians, IT professionals or department heads who are looking to unclutter their data and move to a more unified workflow.”