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Webinar: Demand Collaboration with your Existing IT Platforms

September 19, 2019 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CDT

“Interoperability requires an ecosystem that many other industries have already implemented. Inevitably, healthcare will be soon to follow. Harnessing the increasing amount of data that care providers manage, along with the consolidation of the industry will depend on a collaborative culture that thrives in a multi-vendor environment. We understand that we are only just beginning to overcome the siloed nature of healthcare and establishing new connections among not only departments, but also into other facilities. As the trend of healthcare organization, consolidation continues so will the need to distribute information between multiple systems. We advocate for the implementation of a new interoperability solution to support internal and external systems integration, without the need to replace existing vendors in place. We will describe an example of how we have implemented such a solution, and how it extended the functionality of an existing EHR at a fraction of the replacement cost.”