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Webinar: Deployment of Knowledge Management: A Ripple Effect

August 26, 2021 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

“TERI is a leading think-tank knowledge driven organization working in the field of Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development. Over the years, TERI has completed some of the major projects in the development sector by addressing some of the issues and challenges of select Sustainable Development Goals, globally. For the completion of client’s project, it is extremely important to have a robust knowledge management system (KMS) in place. There are three major critical success factors of KMS i.e. People, Process and Technology. It has already been studied and inferred that ‘People’ is the most important aspect in the KMS implementation. Breaking the silos attitude of the workforce is a big challenge. Knowledge Management System helps to capture both tacit and explicit knowledge. Capturing tacit knowledge of the workforce is very important, especially the experiences with the clients. During the deployment of the KMS, it was felt that a robust knowledge management system will help the researchers to optimally utilize their manpower, cost and time. During the pandemic period, KMS became savior for all the researchers. All the bonafide researchers can access their resources from KMS. There are several ready-made products available in the market, but platform is always better to select for implementation. Because the organisation can customize it as per the growing needs of the internal workforce. There is a constant development in the KMS field. New technologies like AI, Natural Language Processing etc. are playing a pivotal role in KMS today.”