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Webinar: Measurements that Matter – How to Deploy a Connected Ecosystem that Unlocks the Power of Decision Making

December 16 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

“The explosive growth of patient-centric trials over the last two years has necessitated the pursuit of new, minimally invasive ways to collect high-quality clinical data. This need, when combined with growing evidence around the benefit of personalized treatments has spurned the rapid rise of connected sensors and wearables.

The result? Sponsors and CROs now can collect more data than ever before, derive greater insights from individual participants and trial populations, and can use this information to drive key decision-making for the future of their trials.

However, to unlock this potential, the right mix of processes and technology is needed. Taking data insights, making them actionable, and delivering measurements that matter will be key to bringing effective therapies to patients faster.

It’s with this in mind that we invite you to join our expert panel of clinicians and technology experts as we discuss our expert panel of clinicians and technology experts as we discuss:

* Why the industry has moved towards patient-centric data collection
* What it means for the future of our industry
* How we can deploy sensors and wearables to gain a more holistic view of participants and entire studies
* How to use these views to drive future decision-making”