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Webinar: PFAS Webinar Series, Part 6: PFAS in Source and Ambient Air

April 6, 2021 @ 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

“When we look at treatment and disposal options for PFAS, we are often looking at thermal remediation and incineration. With this process we must monitor the destruction efficiency of the target compounds of concern and monitor the stack gas for what is being emitted into the ambient air. We also need to be mindful of what is occurring at facilities where PFAS chemicals are part of the manufacturing process.

PFAS have unique chemical and physical properties, requiring special consideration when designing a sampling and analytical process for evaluating these chemicals in ambient air or source air emissions. The standard EPA testing methods provide the foundation for establishing defensible testing processes. However, significant compatibility issues arise when the performance of current test methodology is expected to align with traditional method performance standards and data quality objectives (DQOs).”

“Topics the Presentation will Cover:

* Sources of PFAS in Air
* Regulatory drivers to test for PFAS in Air
* EPA Standard Methods as building blocks
* PFAS modifications of sample collection and analysis methods
* The method development process
* What do the data tell us?”