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Webinar: Supporting the Plant-Based Boom: Applying intuitive analytical methods to enhance plant-based dairy product development

December 17 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

“In recent years, plant-based dairy alternatives have stormed supermarket shelves around the world, offering a new generation of consumers alternatives to traditional milk, cheese and butter products.

To ensure these products are meeting the stringent safety and quality standards that customers’ demand, regular testing across the supply chain is vital. In a similar way to how conventional milk testing is done, FT-IR can be leveraged as a powerful tool to make analytical measurements for plant milk.

Nevertheless, novel plant milk products pose a series of challenges as an analytical sample. These include differences in the suspension of particles in an emulsion and varying sugar and amino acid profiles. This means that how we measure or define what these parameters are can change from material to material.

In this webinar, data and results on combined plant milk protein, solid, and sugars will be presented alongside the spectra of the material and the calibration regions chosen. Additionally, we will compare some plant-specific calibrations to the generic calibration for traditional milk.”