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Webinar: The Past, Present, and Future of Laboratory Automation

September 14 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

“Automating laboratory workflows improves the overall efficiency of testing by speeding up tasks, minimizing waste, reducing reagent usage, and facilitating higher throughput. Optimizing operational efficiency through automation leads to lower running costs, the elimination of errors inherent in manual processes, a reduction in repetitive motion injuries, and improved accuracy and reliability of data.

Laboratory workflows can be classified into three categories: manual, stand-alone automation (i.e., modular), and total lab automation (TLA). Size, complexity, and testing volumes are key factors in determining the best approach to automating a lab, and a properly designed business case outlining the long-term cost savings and growth capacity is critical to ensure sustained value.”

“This webinar is appropriate for laboratory administrators and managers, quality assurance and control staff, supervisors, and other laboratory personnel who are dedicated to continuous quality and process improvement.”