Walter E. Washington Convention Center 801 Mt Vernon Pl. NW, Washington, DC

An annual conference on data mining and big data

Sources Sought: Laboratory Document Control System

Solicitation #: 36C25722Q0993 "This Statement of Work (SOW) is requesting the procurement of an online document control system which also provides continuing education for both medical technologists and histologists, case simulators for competency use, as well as the ability to link policies and procedures to applicable TJC checklist items to prepare for inspections ... The […]

Webinar: Improving Clinical Lab Performance: How Lean Six Sigma Methods Help Eliminate Waste, Save Money, and Increase Productivity

"Shrinking budgets. Reduced Medicare reimbursement for diagnostic tests. Customer service gaps. Inefficiencies and Staff Shortages. Conquering these (and other) challenges is critical for the financial success of clinical laboratories and pathology practices.

On this webinar you’ll find a proven path to overcoming these obstacles through the principles behind Lean Six Sigma. These methods offer a real world approach to process improvement and better quality of service to patients, physicians, and other customers. Labs that are adopting Lean Six Sigma methods are reaping the benefits.

Attend and see how Lean Six Sigma seeks to eliminate waste in all its forms, removing anything from a process that doesn’t add value, including common activities related to reimbursement, customer service, patient safety, lab test quality, blood collection, and more."

Request for Quote: Anatomic Pathology Testing & Consultation

Solicitation #: 36C26222Q1314 The Southern Arizona VA Healthcare System (SAVAHCS) "requires Anatomic Pathology Lab Services including consultation on prepared pathology slides of Histology and Cytology specimens, and various types of staining and testing of patient tissue submitted on glass slides. All these patient specimens require special handling and diagnosis by specializing pathologists. Consultation of prepared […]

ISCB 2022

Frederick Douglass Centre, Newcastle Helix Newcastle upon Tyne

An annual international conference for the International Society for Clinical Biostatistics (ISCB)


Beurs van Berlage Damrak 243, Amsterdam

This is an annual international meeting of the Association for Computing Machinery's (ACM's) Special Interest Group on Data Communication (SIGCOMM) on the topic of computer and data communication networks and their "architecture, design, implementation, operations, analysis, measurement, and simulation."

Request for Information: Aviation Fuels Testing

Solicitation #: SPE603-22-R-5X12 "The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Energy seeks business sources who are capable to perform laboratory testing of Aviation Fuels such as Jet A, Jet A with additives (F-24), Jet A-1, JP-8 (F-34), JP-5 (F-44). The capable source will be responsible for laboratory testing described in Table 1 (below). Alternate test methods can […]

Request for Proposal: Analytical Laboratory Services for Annual Requirements of the Wastewater Reclamation Facility

Solicitation #: RFP-22-P-763-0-2022/JW "The City of Largo’s Environmental Services Department is seeking proposals for Analytical Laboratory Services for the Wastewater Reclamation Facility (WWRF) located at 5100 150th Avenue North, Clearwater, FL 33760. Firms capable of providing demonstrated, responsive, and dependable service that supports the Department’s efforts in the delivery of high-quality reclaimed water, maintaining regulatory […]

Webinar: Using Method Navigator for Establishing and Implementing Laboratory Test Methods

"CLSI’s new product, Method Navigator, will be available on August 15, 2022. Learn more about the new product from one of its creators, view a live demo, and see how it can help your laboratory during this free webinar.

In this free webinar, you will learn:

* Understand the purpose of CLSI's new product Method Navigator.
* List the 8 phases of the CLSI Test Life Phases Model.
* Describe how to use Method Navigator when establishing or implementing a new test method."

Philippines Lab Expo

SMX Convention Center - Manila Mall of Asia Complex, Seashell Ln., Pasay, 1300 Metro, Manila

An annual national laboratory exhibition

Webinar: Establishing QC Targets and Ranges for Multiple Instruments

"Laboratories with more than one identical instrument need to be able to calculate and understand their actual laboratory performance, because the physician and patient are interested in the quality of the results irrespective of which instrument performed the test. Based on this overall performance it is important to design a quality control (QC) strategy across these instruments. This webinar will describe the difference between the traditional instrument focused assessments and a patient focused assessment. It will also provide guidance on how to establish the QC targets and QC ranges when using multiple instruments."

Request for Proposal: Laboratory analytical services and environmental sampling supplies support

Solicitation #: W9123822S0003 "This performance work statement (PWS) is for analytical services and environmental sampling supplies support for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District (CESPK), for chemical analysis, toxicity characteristic testing, and air testing. The matrices of interest for analysis are soil, sediment, sludge, dredge slurry, groundwater, surface water, air, soil gas, and […]

Request for Quotation: Water Quality Testing

Solicitation #: 140R8122Q0282 "The Bureau of Reclamation’s Technical Service Center Water Treatment Group has been funded to perform research to minimize wastewater generation from agricultural drainage water. As part of this research, bench-scale lab experiments are being performed to model wastewater reduction processes and advance specific technologies. Reclamation needs to acquire contractor services to analyze […]

ResultWorks Webinar – Emerging Technologies’ Impact on Digital Transformation in Life Science

Date:  Tuesday August 30th, 2022, 1 pm ET

About the Webinar

We in the Life Science industry are in a challenging race to bring proven new drugs to market to address an ever-expanding variety of disease targets. To do this, we must harness the data we are generating as well as the vast amount of data available across the industry. It is about speed, productivity, and generating new insights in a timely way. It is in fact a digital transformation.

A digital transformation requires a critical look at our current data environment to understand what is and isn’t working. Looking forward, we need to design FAIR* (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) data practices into our R&D technology strategies. It is essential to have emerging technologies such as AI, machine learning, automation, analytics and others as a key element of our technology strategy in order to have a positive impact on the efficiency and effectiveness, and to achieve a FAIR environment.

Companies that are realizing true digital transformation are already exploring and adopting emerging technologies with their mainstream technology platforms to improve the quality and usability of their data.

Invitation for Bids: Clinical laboratory services

Solicitation #: 3372-23-R-IFBD-00004 The East Mississippi State Hospital is seeking bids for clinical laboratory testing services. See the documents for more information. Due date: 30 August 2022, 5:00 p.m. EDT

Request for Tender: Laboratory Information Management Solution

Solicitation #: tender_16638 "The Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) and Ministry of Labour, Training, and Skills Development (MLTSD), are seeking a Software as a Service (SaaS) Laboratory Information Management Solution to replace legacy information technology applications with a single integrated solution that will meet all business needs for the three essential OPS laboratories that require […]

Webinar: FHIR: Where are we now?

A new report from ONC, looking at 2019 data, shows that adoption of FHIR APIs for interoperability has taken off in recent years. But the data also showed hospitals are faring considerably better than individual clinicians and some regions of the country are lagging significantly behind others. In this webinar we’ll bring in some experts, analysts, and researchers to talk about the current state of healthcare API adoption, especially FHIR, and how close we are to real API-driven interoperability. We’ll also talk about the Cures Act and the state of regulation around interoperability and APIs, the state of the technology itself, and what experts see coming up in the future.

Request for Proposals: MIL-STD environmental testing services

Solicitation #: W81XWH22Q0985 "The United States Army Aeromedical Research Lab’s (USAARL) Enroute Care Group (ECG) conducts airworthiness test and evaluation of carry on medical items for use in rotary wing aircraft. The test and evaluation is based on military standard MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461. To conduct the MIL-STD testing, ECG owns and operates several test chambers." […]

Request for Proposals: Forensic DNA Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Solicitation #: 2022-175 "The purpose of this RFP is to procure a Forensic DNA Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) software solution for the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office (TCME) Crime Laboratory. The RFP contains descriptive information about DNA LIMS functionality required by the Crime TCME Lab. Bidders must be familiar with forensic accreditation requirements: July […]

Computing in Cardiology 2022

Tampere University Kalevantie 4, Tampere

An international conference on computing in clinical cardiology and cardiovascular physiology

Request for Tender: Laboratory Information Management System for Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation of Australia

Solicitation #: CSIRORFT2022020 Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) of Australia "is seeking responses from suitably qualified and experienced service providers for the provision of an enterprise wide Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)." See tender doc for more information. (Log-in required.) Due date: 05 September 2022, 2:00 p.m. local

Webinar: Techniques and Tips: Learn Sample Preparation for Next Generation Sequencing

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) provides comprehensive genomic information about disease, development, and other biological processes. Though the NGS workflow has been vastly simplified, there are still technical aspects required for a successful experiment. Sample preparation remains a critical step for optimal results from NGS. This webinar provides information about: (1) techniques for nucleic acid extraction (2) instruments for nucleic acid extraction and their workflow (3) Tips and tricks for good quality sample extracts.

JASIS 2022

Makuhari Messe 2 Chome−1, Chiba,

An annual national trade show on analytical and scientific systems and solutions

Webinar: Expanding and protecting healthcare data in the cloud

"As healthcare organizations move applications, data, and workloads to the cloud, data management and protection should remain front of mind. Cyber and ransomware attacks have increased, telehealth has increased, and costs have increased…so what can be done to ensure security, enhance patient engagement, while reducing costs?

During this session, subject-matter experts will discuss:

* How to implement clinical systems in the public cloud
* How to protect critical patient care systems in the cloud
* How to protect all on-prem systems across the integrated delivery system
* How to ensure resiliency no matter what
* How to reduce costs in the cloud"

PharmaTec Series

Novotel London West 1 Shortlands, Hammersmith International Ctre, London

An annual European congress on the role of technology on the pharmaceutical sector

Webinar: How Well Are Patient Portals Working, and How Can They Be Improved?

"Despite the promise that online patient portals offer and the ease of communication they deliver, they're still often underused. In addition, challenges such as fatigue from having to use multiple portals remain and can adversely affect coordination and patient experiences. Although they’ve existed for decades, there is still room to improve and innovate when configuring patient portals: for instance, using them to offer important communication and other incentives to encourage patients to engage more often. Hear from healthcare leaders how automating with ServiceNow solutions has improved their patient portal experiences.

During this session, learn how ServiceNow patient portal solutions can:

* Boost patient engagement and enable better care
* Uncover ways to add revenue through innovation
* Assist in realizing cost efficiencies and reducing administrative burden"

Webinar: The Next Evolution of Molecular Testing Post COVID-19

"As COVID-19 changes from pandemic to endemic, laboratories will likely face challenges in the rapid shift in testing capacity needs. In particular, laboratories will have invested in infrastructure, testing platforms, and highly skilled personnel, which can now be leveraged for other molecular testing needs with appropriate planning. Adapting to these changes are crucial to making the best use of excess testing capacities in a post-COVID-19 lab environment.

This webinar will focus on how clinical laboratories can assess their current molecular testing capabilities and how excess capacity can be adapted to meet other molecular testing, including infectious disease testing. Moreover, the webinar will provide market insights, testing trends, and details on how laboratories can create an implementation plan to continue to evolve their business."

Request for Proposal: LIS for Blood Bank, Blood Donor Center, Transfusion Service, and HLA Laboratory

Solicitation #: RFP 745-23-P02 "The University is building a 96-bed Multispecialty, and Research Hospital (MSRH) focused on oncology and multispecialty surgical services which includes a den-novo laboratory designed to provide comprehensive HLA, Blood Donor and Transfusion Medicine services. These services will be a new venture for the University and as such, the University is requesting […]