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JASIS 2021

Makuhari Messe 2 Chome−1, Chiba,

An annual national trade show on analytical and scientific systems and solutions

Webinar: The Role of the Laboratory in Managing Thyroid Health

"The prevalence of thyroid disease worldwide has served as a catalyst for healthcare providers to study various tools and methods to assist in thyroid disease management. During this session, Dr. Aw will provide a brief introduction to thyroid disease, as well as the clinical guidelines related to thyroid function tests (TFTs). Dr. Aw will also go on to explain the advantages of using TFTs as an effective tool with which to monitor thyroid health. Further, Dr. Aw will shed light on the clinical relevance and utilization of the thyrotropin receptor antibody (TRAb) test, while considering published data and findings to outline its benefits. Join us to learn more about the important role that the laboratory plays in assessing thyroid health and disease management."