Request for Proposal: Environmental Laboratory Testing Services

Solicitation #: Rebid D23-038 "The Des Moines Metropolitan Wastewater Reclamation Authority (“DMMWRA”) is seeking a qualified State of Iowa licensed environmental laboratory to provide analytical testing of water, wastewater, solid wastes, and special projects for nutrients, biologicals, metals, non-metals, organics. Responses will be accepted only through this electronic bidding system by the close date and […]

Sources Sought: Water Quality Laboratory Analysis for NPDES Supplemental Data

Solicitation #: PANNWD23P0000001260 "This is a Sources Sought posted by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Contracting, Portland District, Supply & Services Branch (CECT-NWP-S) and is for informational/market research purposes only. This is not a solicitation nor a synopsis of a proposed action under FAR Subpart 5.2. The requirement is for a Contractor […]

Sources Sought: Environmental-Air Quality, Mold & Asbestos Testing Services

Solicitation #: 36C24823Q0527 "The West Palm Beach VA Health System is seeking business concerns capable of providing the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center Facility address listed below: West Palm Beach VA Medical Center 7305 N. Military Trail, West Palm Beach, FL 33410 The contractor shall furnish Professional Services to provide all tools materials and […]

Request for Bid: Annual Price Agreement for Laboratory Analysis Services

Solicitation #: 23-025 The City of Bryan, Texas "Water Services Department is responsible for managing permits issued by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) for its three wastewater treatment plants. The scope of this contract is to outline testing parameters, approved testing methods, and sampling schedule for each facility." See the bid document for […]

Request for Proposals: Industrial Hygiene Laboratory Services

Solicitation #: 33701-09262022 "The Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Administration (TOSHA) requires laboratory analysis of industrial hygiene samples taken in Tennessee workplaces to ensure employer compliance with the Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Act (TCA 50-3). Industrial hygiene samples and subsequent lab analyses are used to ensure employees are not exposed to hazardous chemicals exceeding […]

Request for Proposals: Laboratory Analysis Services

Solicitation #: 23-002 The City of Turlock, California "is requesting proposals for qualified firms to provide laboratory analysis on wastewater, drinking water, recycled water, biosolids, and sludge for the City. The City will enter into an agreement with the individuals or firms selected to provide these services. All interested parties are required to submit proposals […]

Invitation for Bids: Industrial Hygiene Laboratory Services

Solicitation #: 0000025894 California's "Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) is soliciting bids from qualified firms who have the ability to provide comprehensive industrial hygiene analytical laboratory services throughout the State of California. The Contractor shall provide a complete range of analytical services to support air and industrial hygiene monitoring programs." Due date: 24 February […]

Request for Proposals: Water Department Laboratory Services

Solicitation #: 202301 "The City of Vallejo Water Department is soliciting proposals from qualified and certified laboratories interested in providing water sample testing and analysis for the City of Vallejo at its Fleming Hill, Travis AFB, and Green Valley water treatment plants. The work is to be performed by a laboratory properly certified by the […]

Request for Proposals: Laboratory and Reagent Services for City Water Facilities

Solicitation #: 2023-017 The City of Lauderhill, Florida is seeking proposals for as-needed laboratory and reagent services for municipal water facilities. "The services include analytical laboratory services to perform testing of surface water, groundwater from Surficial and Biscayne aquifer water supply wells, monitoring wells, potable drinking water, and ground water from groundwater monitoring wells for […]

Request for Proposal: PFAS Treatment Technique Study

Solicitation #: 23-01 The City of Evanston, Illinois "is seeking a consultant to conduct PFAS treatment technique pilot testing for process validation that is implementable at full-scale. The treatment processes to be pilot tested include the following: o Powder Activated Carbon (PAC) o Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) o Ion Exchange (IX) o Membranes: Nano-filtration Reverse […]

Request for Quotation: Chemical analytical services for industrial hygiene sampling and analysis

Solicitation #: W912DW23Q4002 "This is a non-personnel services requirement to provide laboratory analytical services and related efforts in support of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Northwestern Division, Seattle District (CENWS) for the chemical analysis of heavy metal, ozone, volatile organic compounds, asbestos and other industrial hygiene air, bulk, tape and wipe samples. The […]

Request for Quotation: Laboratory Testing (Environmental and Food)

Solicitation #: W9114F23Q0006 "The Contractor shall perform non-personal Environmental Laboratory Testing and Analysis services, to include facilities, personnel, transportation, materials, equipment, and supplies required to provide testing services on Public Health Command Europe, Laboratory Sciences (LS, PHC-E) provided samples. The Contractor shall perform Laboratory Testing and Analysis indicated in Technical Exhibit A, 'Approved Price List' […]

Request for Supplier Qualifications: Provision of Analytical Laboratory Services

Solicitation #: F18-BEP-BREE-2023-01 "This Request for Supplier Qualifications (the “RFSQ”) is an invitation by City of Kingston (the “City”) to prospective respondents to qualify in accordance with Evaluation of Responses (Part 5) Provision of Analytical Laboratory Services, as further described in Part 2 RFSQ Particulars (the “Deliverables”). The City’s Business, Real Estate, and Environment Department […]

Request For Statement of Qualifications: Materials Testing and Lab Analysis

Solicitation #: CCF 2023_1 Materials Testing and Lab Analysis The Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG) "is seeking responses from qualified materials testing laboratories which have expertise in testing concrete foundations for pyrrhotite and structural integrity. The purpose of this RFQ is to provide a list of qualified materials testing laboratories for an indefinite quantity […]