Request for Proposals: Biological Surveys of the Long Beach and Los Angeles Harbors

Solicitation #: 2023 Long Beach and Los Angeles Harbors of California are seeking proposals from qualified consultants to provide biological services to survey the harbors, "as detailed in the following tasks, for a contract period of four (4) years and four (4) months." See the documents for more information. Due date: 31 March 2022, 4:00 […]

Sources Sought: STAT Lab Testing

Solicitation #: 36C24422Q0536 "VA Butler Healthcare System has a requirement for STAT laboratory testing and results, during business as well as after-hours. The vendor provides STAT testing results as described in the SOW ... STAT specimens are to be picked up at either VA Butler Healthcare campus i.e., at the 353 North Duffy Road campus […]

Invitation for Bids: Construction Materials Lab Testing and Reporting, Various Bay Area Counties, CA

Solicitation #: 04A6356 "Contractor agrees to provide all labor, tools, equipment, parts, materials, supplies, travel, and incidentals necessary to perform on-call materials laboratory testing and reporting services for the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)." "Contractor shall perform on-call materials laboratory testing and reporting services for construction, including, but not limited to, construction materials laboratory testing, […]

Request for Proposals: Industrial Wastewater Sampling and Laboratory Analytical Services

Solicitation #: 1516 "Ontario Municipal Utilities Company (OMUC) is requesting proposals from a qualified vendor capable of providing industrial wastewater sampling and laboratory analytical services for the City of Ontario's Pretreatment Program. The City’s Pretreatment Program currently permits industrial users that discharge wastewater into its sewerage system. These facilities are monitored for wastewater effluent quality […]

Request for Quotation: Pollen Analysis

Solicitation #: 140G0222Q0019 "The USGS requires analysis of sub-fossil pollen preserved in lake sediments to be used to understand the long-term dynamics among climate change, wildfire, and human impacts in forest ecosystems." "The USGS Climate Research & Development Program funds reconstructions of past ecological changes that span tens to thousands of years. Analysis of sub-fossil […]

Request for Quotation: Water Testing Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest

Solicitation #: 1240BK22Q0045 "The purpose and intent of this solicitation is to secure water testing services for the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest located in Southwest Oregon. Water samples will be collected by Forest Service Personel. The contractor shall furnish all supplies, equipment, supervision, and transportation to perform the required tests. Please see the attached request […]

Request for Quotation: Point of Care COVID-19 Testing Program for EPA

Solicitation #: 68HERC22R0110 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) "intends to acquire services to support a comprehensive COVID-19 testing program to support the agency’s mission. These services shall include COVID-19 testing from pharmacies and/or other private sector testing facilities that can offer a nationwide network of facilities (including territories and other outlying areas). These services […]

Small Business Sources Sought: Metabolomic Profiling for Molecular Epidemiology Studies

Solicitation #: HHS-NIH-NCI-SBSS-ETSB-001-2022-25-03 "The mission of the Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics (DCEG), National Cancer Institute (NCI) is to conduct population and multidisciplinary research to discover the genetic and environmental determinants of cancer and new approaches to cancer prevention. The ability to identify molecular profiles that reflect the risk, onset and progression of different […]

Invitation to Bid: Microbiology Analysis for Drinking Water

Solicitation #: 20-66700-22-27672 "The New Mexico Environment Department (NMED), Drinking Water Bureau seeks to establish a price agreement for microbiological analyses of drinking water samples collected from Public Water Systems (PWS), to maintain an approved Public Water system Number (WSN). The drinking water samples are to be analyzed according to the following: 1) the presence […]

Request for Proposals: Construction Material Testing and Inspection Services

Solicitation #: 2219-031722 The City of Hayward, California " is soliciting Proposals from qualified contractors that may lead to the award of a contract for on-call construction material testing and inspection services for the City. The City will open accounts with multiple firms to allow flexibility and control in turn-around and delivery time especially when […]

Request for Proposal: Emissions Testing Services

Solicitation #: Unknown "The Central Contra Costa Sanitary District (Central San) is soliciting proposals from qualified air emissions testing companies interested in providing professional emissions testing services for routine compliance testing and engineering evaluation testing. The agreement will be for up to one year (Fiscal Year (FY) 2022-2023) with the option to renew annually for […]

Sources Sought: Crude Oil Quality Testing and Analysis Services for DOE SPRPMO

Solicitation #: 89243522RFE000020 "The Department of Energy (DOE) Strategic Petroleum Reserve Project Management Office (SPRPMO) located in New Orleans, Louisiana, is seeking information about potential sources interested and capable of providing Crude Oil Quality Testing and Analysis Services ... Based on qualification, capability and capacity statements received in response to this Sources Sought Announcement, this […]

Request for Proposals: Reference Laboratory Services

Solicitation #: 9518701 The Board of Commissioners of Hospital Service District No. 2 of Vermilion Parish, State of Louisiana, dba/Abbeville General Hospital is seeking proposals for reference laboratory services. Note: Account required to download documents. Due date: 20 April 2022, 2:00 p.m. CDT

Request for Quotation: Isotopic sample analysis

Solicitation #: 140G0322Q0093 "The US Geological Survey California Water Science Center requires chemical analytical laboratory services for the analysis of lithium (total, 7Li, 6Li), boron (total, 10B, 11B), strontium (total, 86Sr, 87Sr), and the elemental concentrations of F, Cl, Br, NO3, SO4, I, NH4, Mg, Sr, Na, Fe, Ba, Mn, , Li, Be, B, Mg, […]

Request for Proposals: Laboratory Services in Support of Solid Waste Facility Monitoring

Solicitation #: FINARFPKK2213 "The County of Yolo, is requesting proposals from qualified Suppliers to provide Laboratory Services in Support of Solid Waste Facility Monitoring for the Yolo County Central Landfill per specifications outlined in this Request for Proposal (RFP). Bidders who submit a response to this RFP must have the ability to meet the bid […]

Request for Quotation: COVID Variant Testing

Solicitation #: 285-22-RFQ-0005 "The Contractor to provide Public Health Surveillance on SARS-COV2 variant/s for the Nashville Area Indian Health Service. Locations within the Nashville Area span 14 states from Maine to Florida to Eastern Texas. Each location utilizes a reference laboratory within their region. Vendor will work with location (specifically Mashpee Service Unit, Massachusetts and […]

Sources Sought: Chemical Analytical Services for Industrial Hygiene Sample Analysis

Solicitation #: W912DW-22-INDUSTRIAL-HYGIENE-SAMPLE-ANALYSIS "The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Northwestern Division (NWD) Seattle District (NWS) performs industrial hygiene sampling for operational and construction projects that involve collection of primary samples, split samples, and/or quality assurance samples from various industrial operations. Once these samples are collected, analysis by an accredited laboratory is necessary. The contractor […]

Invitation to Bid: Microscopic Particulate Analysis for Drinking Water

Solicitation #: 20-66700-22-27673 The State of New Mexico seeks to "establish a Price Agreement for New Mexico Environment Department (“NMED” or “Department”), through its Drinking Water Bureau (“DWB”), for Microbiological Analyses of Drinking Water samples collected from Public Water Systems (“PWS”) maintaining an approved Public Water System Number (“WSN”). The drinking water samples are to […]

Request for Proposals: Desalination Facilities Evaluation and Exit Testing

Solicitation #: 4076 The City of Santa Barbara, California "is seeking proposals from qualified consultants to assist in performing an Asset Evaluation of its Charles E. Meyer Desalination Facility and developing an Exit Test Plan per the City’s Design, Build, Operate Contract with IDE America’s, Inc. (IDE). The qualified firm will also be overseeing Exit […]

Request for Quotation: Animal Care Center Laboratory Testing Services and Equipment

Solicitation #: PUR-RFQ2022.04.10059 "The City of San José is soliciting responses from qualified vendors for Animal Care Center Laboratory Testing Services and Equipment." "The City’s Local and Small Business Enterprise (LBE/SBE) Preference is applicable to this solicitation. If your business has an office in Santa Clara County and a valid City of San José Business […]

Request for Proposal: Professional Services for Sample Processing and Identification of Rivers, Stream and Wetland Aquatic Invertebrates

Solicitation #: Unknown "The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES), Watershed Management Bureau is seeking the services of a qualified firm for the processing and taxonomic identification of unsorted samples of aquatic invertebrates from New Hampshire’s freshwater rivers and streams. NHDES protocols using artificial substrates (approximately 85% of samples) and kicknets (approximately 15% of […]

Request for Proposals: OCONUS Fuel Investigations Lab Testing

Solicitation #: SPE60322R0508 "Solicitation SPE603-22-R-0508 is issued to acquire fuel investigations laboratory testing services for multiple DOD locations across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East (OCONUS). All testing shall be performed in accordance with the specifications described in the Statement of Work (SOW). The Contractor’s primary facility used to perform the requirement must be located […]

Request for Bids: Environmental Laboratory Analytical Testing Services

Solicitation #: RFB-2022-260-ENH-KR "The City of Albuquerque Environmental Health Department (EHD) is requesting quotes to provide all necessary labor and materials for the laboratory analysis of various air, soil, water samples in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved methods and consistent with all applicable local, state, and federal regulations, rules, and laws." Due date: […]

Request for Proposals: Clinical Laboratory Services

Solicitation #: HSS-22-024 The Delaware Psychiatric Center (DPC) Laboratory Department is seeking a contractor "for providing accurate and timely laboratory testing of blood and urine samples ordered by Bridge Clinic & DPC physicians; including cultures, the reporting of results within specified turn-around times, and the provision of personnel to draw/collect and pick-up/transport samples. All supplies […]

Invitation for Bids: Laboratory Testing Services for PFAS

Solicitation #: Q22002013 The "Laboratory will conduct PFAS Analyses (29 analytes) in accordance with applicable EPA Methods 533 and 537.1 to acceptable minimum reporting levels (MRL) consistent with the requirements of UCMR5" for a monitoring program conducted by the State of Hawaii Department of Health Safe Drinking Water Branch. Due date: 17 May 2022, 2:00 […]

Invitation for Bids: Compliance Analysis of Milk and Dairy Products

Solicitation #: 0000023114 "The California Department of Food and Agriculture requires a contractor to provide highly technical and complex laboratory analyses of dairy products requiring specialized laboratory expertise, testing equipment and facilities." Due date: 18 May 2022, 2:00 a.m. PDT