IOT application in Laboratory

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Posted by Debasish Mukherjee (Discussions: 2, Comments: 4)
Replied on October 10, 2018 2:48 am

Hi, I would like to understand more on what is meant by the application of IoT in the lab. From what I understand of it it could only help you in the metrology area e.g. checking calibration, predict certaian maintenance etc..Any thoughts?

(Corne Nous at October 14, 2018 2:37 am)

Hi Corne, my own take on the application of IoT for the lab is a bit broader than simply micro devices. I see it in application for all types of instrument and lab device integration and automation and then when paired with AI, I can see automated QC and worflow management. I see it as something that is not revolutionary for the lab but something that can implemented in an evolutionary way (a bit at a time as it makes sense).

(John Jones at October 14, 2018 10:41 am)
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