Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry
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DisciplineAnalytical chemistry
Edited byJeanne E. Pemberton
Paul W. Bohn
Nancy L. Allbritton
Publication details
History2008–present, 13 years old
7.023[1] (2019)
Standard abbreviations
ISO 4Annu. Rev. Anal. Chem.
ISSN1936-1327 (print)
1936-1335 (web)
OCLC no.85479636

The Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry is a peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes an annual volume of review articles relevant to analytical chemistry. It was established in 2008 and is published by Annual Reviews.


The Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry was first published in 2008 by nonprofit publisher Annual Reviews. Its founding editors were Edward S. Yeung and Richard N. Zare.[2] Though it began with a physical editiion, it is now only published electronically.[3]

Scope and indexing

The Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry defines its scope as covering significant developments in analytical chemistry, drawing from the related disciplines of biology, engineering, and physics.[4] As of 2019, Journal Citation Reports lists the journal's impact factor as 7.023, ranking it sixth of 86 journals in the category "Chemistry, Analytical" and third of 42 in "Spectroscopy".[1] It is abstracted and indexed in Scopus, Science Citation Index Expanded, EMBASE, MEDLINE, and Academic Search, among others.[5]

Editorial processes

The Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry is helmed by the editor or the co-editors. The editor is assisted by the editorial committee, which includes associate editors, regular members, and occasionally guest editors. Guest members participate at the invitation of the editor, and serve terms of one year. All other members of the editorial committee are appointed by the Annual Reviews board of directors and serve five-year terms. The editorial committee determines which topics should be included in each volume and solicits reviews from qualified authors.[6] Unsolicited manuscripts are not accepted. Peer review of accepted manuscripts is undertaken by the editorial committee.[7]

List of editors

Current editorial board

As of 2021, the editorial committee consists of the three co-editors and the following members:[9]

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