Brian J. Orr is an Australian scientist known for his contributions to laser spectroscopy and optical parametric oscillators. He graduated with a BSc (Hons I) from the University of Sydney. Orr received his PhD from the University of Bristol and was a professor at the University of New South Wales prior to his professorship appointment at the Faculty of Science of Macquarie University.[citation needed]

Laser spectroscopy

Orr has performed a wide variety of spectroscopic research and is the author, or co-author, of numerous refereed publications. His research career began on diatomic molecular spectroscopy.[1] Back in Australia his research focused mainly on laser infrared–ultraviolet double resonance spectroscopy.[2][3]

More recently his research has expanded towards the development of tunable coherent sources, in particular optical parametric oscillators for spectroscopy, medicine, and other applications.[4][5][6] Orr's overall research activities may be summarized by the Optical Society's citation to the 2004 W. F. Meggers Award: "for advancing molecular spectroscopy by experiment and theory on infrared- and Raman-ultraviolet double resonance, coherent Raman spectroscopy, cavity ringdown spectroscopy, photoelectron spectroscopy, nonlinear optics, and tunable coherent light sources."



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