December 20, 2017
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

Volume 15, Issue 48


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12/08/2017 - How is CSV approach related to SDLC?

12/07/2017 - CIO Laishy Williams-Carlson: “Get Out of IT & Understand the Business”

 Journal Articles

12/12/2017 - ISO 15189 accreditation: Navigation between quality management and patient safety

In this 2017 paper by Plebani and Sciacovelli of the University Hospital of Padova, the duo offer their insights into the benefits and challenges of a clinical laboratory getting ISO 15189 accredited. Noting that in the European theater "major differences affect the approaches to accreditation promoted by the national bodies," the authors discuss the quality management approach that ISO 15189 prescribes and why its worth following. The conclude that while laboratories can realize "world-class quality and the need for a rigorous process of quality assurance," it still requires a high level of awareness among staff of the importance of ISO 15189 accreditation, an internal assessment plan, and well-defined, "suitable and user-friendly operating procedures."

11/27/2017 - A review of the role of public health informatics in healthcare

This brief review article from early 2017 looks at the basic elements of public health informatics and addresses how they're implemented. Aziz compares paper-based surveillance systems with electronic systems, noting the various improvements and challenges that have come with transitioning to electronic surveillance. He also reviews how public health informatics is applied in the U.S. and other parts of the world, including Saudi Arabia. Aziz concludes that "[p]atients, healthcare professionals, and public health officials can all help in reshaping public health through the adoption of new information systems, the use of electronic methods for disease surveillance, and the reformation of outmoded processes."

Does your lab use #Slack? Many folks say it is a game changer for them.

Below is a discussion that I recently posted on Linkedin.  If you use #Slack or are considering it within your work environment, you will want to check out this lively discussion:

More LIMS Myths - Busted

One of our past blogs entitled “Top 5 LIMS and LIMS Consulting Myths – Busted!” was met with great enthusiasm.  Interestingly, several of the comments on this blog pointed out other LIMS myths and misconceptions.  After reviewing these and taking stock with several of my fellow lab informatics aficionados, we have decided to revisit this topic and present here several more LIMS myths that deserve public busting.

Holiday Planning Tips for a Joyous LIMS Project

Let’s explore some of the holiday planning and preparation tactics that can be leveraged to help make your LIMS project a true celebration.

Improving the Efficiency of Cannabis Testing Laboratories using Affordable Cloud-based Lab Information Management System (LIMS)

Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is a flowering plant indigenous to Central and South Asia. The plant has been valued since ancient times for its psychoactive, medicinal, and fibrous properties. With the increasing legalization of both recreational and medical cannabis, there is a need for robust and reliable cannabis analytical testing to ensure consumer safety and potency.

12/19/2017 - IDBS adds Synthetic Chemistry to its E-WorkBook Connect platform

12/19/2017 - BioSymetrics Launches Augusta™ to Revolutionize AI in Biomedicine

12/14/2017 - DNAnexus Integrates Google Brain's DeepVariant, a New Deep Learning Technology, onto Its Cloud-Based Platform

12/06/2017 - Genohm and iSpecimen® Partner to Enable their Customers to Seamlessly Connect their Sample Inventories to the iSpecimen Marketplace

 Bid Opportunities

01/12/2018 - Request for Proposal: Laboratory Services for Compliance with EPA Safe Drinking Water Act, UCMR4

01/09/2018 - Request for Proposal: Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

01/25/2018 - Request for Proposal: Chemical Water Testing

01/08/2018 - Request for Proposal: Newborn Screening Laboratory Testing Services

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