May 5, 2021
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

Volume 19, Issue 18


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LIMSjournal - Spring 2021

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05/05/2021 - Cybersecurity for the Life Sciences R&D Ecosystem

The rate of data generation is increasing exponentially in today’s technology driven world. This is especially true for R&D activities in the life sciences, where technologies like next generation sequencing (NGS) are creating terabytes of genomics data in a single run... [Read More]

05/05/2021 - Tech-Driven Support for– or Alternatives to – Lab Consolidation After Hospital M&A

Check out this new blog post to learn how best-of-breed laboratory technology can maximize lab value and viability during and after hospital merger and acquisition activity.


05/05/2021 - CannaQA: One LIMS for Multi-State Cannabis Testing

CannaQA: One LIMS for Multi-State Cannabis Testing

The fragmentation of cannabis regulations poses a particular challenge for multi-state cannabis testing labs. Although the industry and state regulators are trying to align requirements and standards, testing labs still lose many of the benefits of multi-state operations. CannaQA is a laboratory information management system (LIMS) that can help multi-state laboratories...

[Read More]

05/05/2021 - How Agile and Scrum Can Help You Build Better Clinical Lab Software

The Agile methodology is one of the most common project management methods for software development, and for good reason. Its iterative nature lends itself to an ideal build process. Add clearly-defined team roles and a lightweight Scrum framework—with short, focused bursts of work called Sprints, which typically last 1–4 weeks... [Read More]

05/05/2021 - SCC Soft Computer's SoftLab® Version 4.0.9 Achieves 2015 Edition ONC Health IT Certification from ICSA Labs

SCC Soft Computer’s SoftLab® version 4.0.9 has achieved 2015 Edition ONC Health IT certification as a Health IT Module. The 2015 Edition Certification Program supports a diverse health IT system, including but not limited to EHR technology, and crosses the care continuum to include a broader range of care settings.

[Read More]

05/05/2021 - QLIMS the realistic alternative….

If you are planning to upgrade your LIMS, renew your LIMS or implement a LIMS at your laboratory…? Realize that there is a realistic alternative for the LIMS products you already know! Take a look at QLIMS….if you are looking for a product instead an endless project and want to spend your money on Science not on Software. [Read More]

05/05/2021 - Understanding Lab Data Management

Whenever we speak to clients about the needs and pain points in their laboratories, there is one topic that always comes up: Laboratory Data Management. What is interesting is that not all of our clients have the same definition of laboratory data management.

[Read More]

05/05/2021 - Autoscribe Informatics Appoints Axis Solutions Africa as its Distributor for Matrix Gemini LIMS in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Malawi

Autoscribe Informatics is delighted to announce that it has appointed Axis Solutions Africa as our distributor in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Malawi to sell, configure and support the Matrix family of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) products.
 Journal Articles

04/27/2021 - Accelerated solvent extraction of terpenes in cannabis coupled with various injection techniques for GC-MS analysis

In this 2021 paper published in Frontiers in Chemistry, Myers et al. of Restek and Verity Analytics provide details of their research on better terpene analysis methods in Cannabis plant materials. The research focused on " the more traditional headspace syringe (HS syringe) and liquid injection syringe (LI syringe) approaches" compared to two more modern approaches to terpene analysis: HS-solid-phase microextraction Arrow (HS-SPME Arrow) and DI-SPME Arrow. After describing their experiments and results, the authors made multiple conclusions. First, they found "that DI-SPME Arrow performed better than HS-SPME Arrow; however, both of these approaches outperformed HS syringe for the extraction and analyses of terpenes." However, their results that LI syringe proved best, though not without some considerations concerning instrument uptime, compared to other methods. They also make a number of recommendations to cannabis laboratories and scientific researchers based upon their findings in order to "improve the science of cannabis testing."
 Featured Jobs

2 weeks ago - LIMS Consultant

Certified Group - Remote (Canada or US), Remote Remote

100 % Role for US and Canada candidates Hi LIMS Gurus, I’m trying to help out a partner of mine. We urgently need LIMS Developers,...

4 weeks ago - Sr. LIMS Developer

Mérieux NutriSciences - Chicago, IL 60611

We are looking for a Sr. LIMS Developer in 401 N Michigan Ave, Suite 1400, Chicago, IL 60611 USA. Your mission will be to:Lead or mentor technical...


Computational Thinking and Big Data

This is an advanced University of Adelaide-created course that is released on the edX platform, and is part of a university MicroMasters Program. The scheduled 10-week course is designed to help learners to better "apply computational thinking in data science" using tools such as "mathematical representations, probabilistic and statistical models, dimension reduction and Bayesian models." The course is free; a certificate of completion costs $249. The course requires on average eight to 10 hours a week of effort. Access to the class is on-demand.
 Upcoming Webinars

05/06/2021 - Joint Sunquest & Henry Ford Health System for Driving Efficient, High Quality, Personalized Care Via Integrated Reporting

05/19/2021 - Astrix Webinar - Computer System Validation: Best Practices and Navigating Challenges

05/19/2021 - Webinar: Discover Winning Strategies For Your SampleManager LIMS Implementation

06/23/2021 - Expert Insights – Strategies for Leading a Successful Digital Transformation in the Laboratory

 Featured Discussions

05/02/2021 - LIMS for asbestos lab

04/28/2021 - Six Essential Features When Evaluating a LIMS for Reagent & Lab Inventory Management

04/07/2021 - Client looking to purchase large stake in LIS company

04/06/2021 - What is Hospital Management Information System & Software?

03/30/2021 - Decent OOTD external portal examples (that integrate nicely into a LIMS)?

 Bid Opportunities

05/07/2021 - Request for Quote: Electronic Quality Management Software System

05/17/2021 - Request for Offers: Laboratory Information System Maintenance

05/19/2021 - Request for Proposal: Laboratory Information System (LIS) for Indonesia’s B/BTKL-PP Laboratories

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