October 27, 2021
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

Volume 19, Issue 43


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COVID-19 Testing, Reporting, and Information Management in the Laboratory

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10/27/2021 - Key Challenges Effecting the Optimization of Supplier Quality Management

Effective supplier quality management offers value to the operations of any organization by improving efficiency, reducing risks, and helping to ensure that products are safe and have the highest quality.

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10/27/2021 - How to Visualize and Implement a Continuous Improvement Pipeline in a Clinical Laboratory Context

Clinical diagnostic laboratories may have business goals that include increasing profits, reducing costs, or accelerating innovation. Continuous improvement is an organized approach to identifying opportunities to achieve these types of goals.
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10/27/2021 - Reduce the Calls to Your Laboratory’s Phone with Portals

Ring, ring, ring…your laboratory’s technicians hear the loud shrill of the phone ceaselessly throughout their shift as clients of all types – doctors, nurses, detectives, product managers and more – call for test updates.

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10/27/2021 - The Importance of Good Data in Supplier Quality Management and How to Improve It

Supplier quality management is critical to an effective and efficient procurement workflow. By acquiring, controlling, and applying supplier data successfully the organization can have increased command of the supply chain with predictable and consistent performance.

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 Journal Articles

10/12/2021 - Automated cyber and privacy risk management toolkit

Managing cybersecurity within an organization can be challenging, more so when the in-house knowledge and management drive concerning cybersecurity is lacking. But does it have to be so complicated? What tools exist to help organizations sort through and implement proper safeguards for their cyber infrastructure, and in particular their associated privacy-specific data? In this 2021 paper published in Sensors, Gonzalez-Granadillo et al. propose a privacy risk management toolkit called AMBIENT (Automated Cyber and Privacy Risk Management Toolkit) that "not only assesses cyber and privacy risks in a thorough and automated manner, but it also offers decision-support capabilities to recommend optimal safeguards using the well-known repository of the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Controls." After presenting related work, describing AMBIENT, and showing the results of a demo, the author conclude that "security managers can use AMBIENT’s results as a guide in their decision-making process to define appropriate security policies and strategies that keep risk scores within acceptable levels."

 Featured Jobs

1 week ago - Lab Informatics Project Manager

Agilent - Open to several locations in France and Belgium, Open .

We are looking for an Lab Informatics / IES Project Manager. As an Project Manager your will be responsible to deliver upon various projects, both internal and external,...

2 weeks ago - Technical Sales Consultant

Autoscribe Informatics Inc. - Lakeville, MA 02347

Autoscribe Informatics is looking for a strong, well accomplished, Sales Consultant to join the sales team of our fast growing software and services informatics company.Autoscribe...


IoT Programming and Big Data

This is a Curtin University course that is released on the edX platform. The five-week course is designed for students to "learn how to apply software solutions for different systems and big data needs to your IoT designs." The course is free to take, with a Verified Certificate of completion available for $149. This course is also part of Curtin's Internet of Things MicroMasters program. The course requires on average four to six hours a week of effort. Access to the class begins February 24, 2020.

 Upcoming Webinars

11/04/2021 - Learn How Discovery Data Technology Enables Faster Discovery Research

11/09/2021 - Webinar: Leveraging Data Analytics to Streamline and Optimize Digital Image Management

11/17/2021 - Webinar: GlaxoSmithKline STARLIMS Implementation Case Study

11/18/2021 - Lab Automation, Tomorrow's Reality is Starting Today

12/09/2021 - Webinar: Justifying the Purchase of a LIMS

 Featured Discussions

10/27/2021 - Need a forex VPS!

10/13/2021 - Does anyone use routerhosting services? are they any good?

10/06/2021 - How do you use technology to save time and automate some tasks in your laboratory?

10/06/2021 - Openchrom question

 Upcoming Trade Events

11/04/2021 - IMED (International Society for Infectious Diseases) 2021

11/16/2021 - Future Laboratory Informatics Forum

04/24/2022 - ASCLD 2022 Symposium

 Bid Opportunities

10/29/2021 - Request for Information: Electronic Lab Reporting

11/04/2021 - Request for Proposals: Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for the Pennsylvania Department of Health

11/12/2021 - Request for Tenders: LIMS system for PET radiopharmaceuticals

11/19/2021 - Request for Proposals: LIMS Replacement

11/25/2021 - Request for Tenders: Design, Supply, Delivery, Implementation and Maintenance of a Customised, Integrated Laboratory Information Management System for Scientific Services

11/29/2021 - Procurement Notice: Integrated Laboratory Information System

12/08/2021 - Request for Information: Laboratory Information Management / Tracking System

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