November 07, 2007      
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

 Volume 5, Issue 41


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 Demonstrations & Presentations

LIMS and ISO 17025 Primer Tutorial

The following on-line video provides a tutorial primer on ISO 17025 and how a LIMS can help your lab with the issues surrounding compliance with those standards and requirements.  Audio speakers are highly recommended when viewing this video.  Enjoy!

Develop your LIMS Requirements with the LIMSpec Library

The Laboratory Informatics Institute (LIMStitute) is proud to announce the release of our LIMSpec Library.  The LIMSpec Library is a collection of eBooks published by the LIMStitute that provides you with a selection of LIMS specification templates.  The LIMSpec will save you many hours in developing your LIMS requirements. To take a tour of the LIMSpec, Click Here to view a short demonstration.


How Does a Laboratory Automation Needs Assessment Benefit Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Implementation and Operation?

Many laboratories may have the expertise to translate manual processes and laboratory automation requirements into a detailed specification document for all of the system equirements, features and functions of a LIMS. However, that may not be the best utilization of their resources.
 Announcements - Google LIMS discussion group

LIMSfinder is pleased to announce the release of  LIMSforum is an open access discussion group hosted at Google Groups. 

The discussion group is for discussing LIMS, Electronic Laboratory Notebook systems, Chromotography Data Systems,, Scientific Data Management Systems and validation and regulatory compliance for the laboratory industry. can be accessed through the web, email or through an RSS reader.  Its your choice.  You do not have to join to read or post.  The group is open but is moderated to prevent spam or commercial use.

It is easy to join, start today:

 Recent News

11/05/2007 - IdentiGEN's DNA TraceBack(R) Receives USDA Process Verified Program Approval

11/02/2007 - CLSI Publishes New Approved Guideline for Use of Mass Spectrometry in the Clinical Laboratory

10/30/2007 - Phase Forward Acquires Green Mountain Logic, An Innovative Provider of Software for Managing Phase I Clinical Trials

10/30/2007 - Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory Chooses Orion Health's Rhapsody Integration Engine to Help Track Animal Disease

 Upcoming Events

12/10/2007 - Laboratory Analysis in Clinical Trials

11/15/2007 - Environmental Compliance Conference 2007

11/13/2007 - Indiana Water Environment Association - 2007 Annual Meeting

11/12/2007 - Eastern Analytical Symposium 2007

11/12/2007 - Applied cGMPs for Pharmaceutical and Allied Industries

 Job Postings

LIMS Support Lead

WANTED:Scientist, Molecular Technology and HT Processes Engineering, Cambridge MA

WANTED: LIMS / Biotechnology Software Developer, Cambridge MA

Contract Systems Programmer Position at the NIH

Sr. LIMS Administrator - Orange County, CA

Trainer - Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS)

Manager of Study Validation - Philly area

Business Analyst

Marketing Associate

Laboratory Informatics Consultant

LIMS Project Manager - San Diego

Automation Engineer (Base in Singapore)

Laboratory Jobs and Careers posted on

 Bid / RFP / RFI Opportunities

11/06/2007 - Criminal Management Information System - State of New Mexico

State of New Mexico - Criminal Management Information System (CMIS) Web Enhancement and Customization
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