December 08, 2010      
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

 Volume 8, Issue 45


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 Bid / RFP / RFI Opportunities

11/24/2010 - Request for Proposal - Laboratory Information Management System

City of Corpus, Christi, Texas - Water Utilities Laboratory

11/24/2010 - Request for Proposal - Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Harris County, Texas - County Public Health and Environmental Services Department, Environmental Public Health Division Laboratory
 Recent News

12/07/2010 - RTI International Launches New Spectral Database for Forensic Laboratory, Research, Law Enforcement

As part of an effort to strengthen the scientific basis for forensic toxicology and drug testing, RTI International has created 'Forensic DB' (, a web-based cheminformatic database for the retention, review and ongoing collection of spectral data pertaining to toxins, drugs and other compounds of interest to the forensic community.

12/06/2010 - LabSlice Cloud-Based Virtual Lab Management Launches 90 Days Faster with Telerik’s Development Tools

Telerik, a provider of end-to-end solutions for the software development lifecycle, today announced that its RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX user interface (UI) controls has enabled LabSlice to deploy its Virtual Lab Management application 90 days ahead of schedule.

12/06/2010 - Asuragen Announces Collaboration on the Development of BCR-ABL1 RNA IS Calibrators and Laboratory Software Reporting Tool at ASH

Asuragen, Inc. announced today that it has entered into an exclusive agreement with Novartis to develop worldwide Armored RNA Quant® (ARQ) BCR-ABL1 RNA International Scale (IS) Calibrators and laboratory software reporting tools, intended to aid laboratories with standardization of BCR-ABL1 RT-qPCR testing to the International Scale.

12/02/2010 - Clinical Trials Management Solution Using Matrix Tracker Software

Autoscribe's Matrix Tracker software is being used to successfully manage biobanks and biorepositories where tracking of samples and sub-samples is a key regulatory requirement. Each system can be configured to the users specific requirements using a set of easy-to-use tools.

12/02/2010 - Autoscribe’s Free Guide on How to Manage a LIMS Project

A LIMS implementation project is a major task whatever the size of your laboratory. This free guide should help you to complete the project by covering the major issues that you may encounter during the implementation.

12/02/2010 - Unique LIMS Configuration Tools Ensure a Match to Your System Requirements

Matrix Gemini software is highly configurable allowing it match your systems requirements exactly both at implementation and in the future. This gives an extended system lifetime which increases system lifetime and enhances the ROI for your organization.

12/02/2010 - IDT Launches Michael Zuker’s UNAFold Page

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), the world leader in oligonucleotide synthesis, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) today announced the launch of the UNAFold secondary structure prediction software at IDT. The software will be used to more accurately detect secondary structures within sequences submitted by customers, and will be made freely available through a web-based interface on IDT’s SciTools™ website –

12/02/2010 - Labtronics Inc. Announces Nexxis RM Centralizes Reporting for the Whole Lab

Labtronics Inc., a world leader in laboratory automation is pleased to announce the release of Nexxis RM (Report Manager), a new reporting tool that centralizes the reporting for all lab informatics systems into one central location.

12/01/2010 - Geneious Biocode LIMS to be made freely available to DNA barcoding community

The Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) developed for the Moorea Biocode Project is to be made publicly available as a free beta version. The Biocode Project is an ambitious undertaking to create the first comprehensive inventory of all species larger than a microbe in a complex tropical ecosystem (Moorea in French Polynesia).
 Upcoming Webcasts

12/15/2010 - The Advantages of Linking Management Systems - Webinar By GlobalCompliancePanel

It's important to improve the dialogue between financial, quality, IT and environmental management systems. Members of these management systems need to understand what the others do. Quality and environmental managers need to understand the language of finance and the effect of operations on the bottom line, while financial managers need to know how quality, environmental and IT managers can help improve results.

12/14/2010 - Labtronics Inc. Announces Webcast: Rapid ELN Implementation with ReDITM

The biggest barrier to adopting ELN for a lab is the time it takes to convert forms to electronic worksheets. ReDI technology is a unique solution that solves this problem. ReDI is the industry's fastest ELN deployment technology.In this webcast we will review the process we use to add a fully integrated ELN into your lab. We will then show you how easy it is to create automated ELN worksheets.

12/09/2010 - Evolving Regulatory expectation for Particulates in Biologics - Biotechnology Webinar By ComplianceOnline

This webinar addresses evolving regulatory requirements for particulates and the techniques suitable for testing and characterizing sub-visible particulates in therapeutic formulations.

12/09/2010 - Design Validation Protocol and Acceptance Criteria for Chromatographic Methods to meet ICH requirements - Webinar By ComplianceOnline

This Design validation 4 hour session will discuss how to write validation protocol and determine acceptance criteria. It will also explain the systematic approach to validate analytical procedures.

12/07/2010 - Validating Excel and Word Applications Documents - Medical Device Webinar By ComplianceOnline

This validation training will discuss FDA impacts and approaches for compliance for use of COTS (commercial off the shelf) office applications software, such as spreadsheets and word processing.
 Upcoming Events

01/29/2011 - LabAutomation2011

01/10/2011 - CHI’s 10th Annual PepTalk event

 Job Postings

5/31/2009 - Aggregated List of LIMS Jobs

05/31/2009 - LIMS / LIS & Laboratory Careers

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