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    Anyone familiar with Daniel Model 500 (I think) GCs? I’d like to secure a few 6-port valve rebuild kits and/or spare valves. Client said the quote from Emerson was too high to justify. Could a Siemens model 11 be retro fitted or some other outside the box solution. I know nothing about Daniel GCs and haven’t had a chance to peek into the oven yet to get more familiar. Client said valves haven’t been rebuilt in at least 6 years! Any chance they’re NOT leaking?

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    • ” I know nothing about Daniel GCs”.
      Why think about retrofitting something when parts are available? The client should buy the correct or recommended parts needed to address any wear and have it serviced. As Bill said, regular maintenance costs need to be budgeted into operating costs. Just like with a car, your costs of ownership continue after purchase too. They need to be aware of this and, if unable to perform the services themselves, find an experienced service provider in their area.

    • I gathered more information this morning. The price quoted was inline with what I would expect… it just wasn’t inline with what they expected. 

    • Often, our job is to also help educate the client regarding what is ‘normal’ and what should be planned for.

    • Sounds like you are referring to “The Danalyzer”. This is a “specialty” product and very different from the typical HP/Agilent GC system. Emerson is a distributor and has probably given them a fair quote for parts. Contact the GC manufacturer (Daniel) for more information (In TX). They provide very good documentation on their products which is easy to obtain. Valves wear out and get contaminated over time. Regular maintenance should always be budgeted into ownership. Optionally, visit the client’s site and look at the systems to determine which valves are used and what parts may be needed.

    • Yes, it is an online process analyzer. Not a lab analyzer. With 10k members in the group I was hoping there’s some experienced refinery or chemical plant instrument tech or engineer with some helpful knowledge. I didn’t realize Daniel still existed as an entity. I will contact them. Thank you Bill Letter