Webinar: Food Safety Tech Hazards Series: Physical & Chemical Hazards

"Foreign Object and Chemical Contamination of the food supply can lead to costly recalls, consumer injury and damage to a company’s reputation. In this virtual event we will hear from regulators, industry and academia about the key chemical and physical hazards facing the food industry and how to prevent and detect contamination in your supply chain and manufacturing facilities."

Webinar: How ISO Management System Standards for InfoSec and Business Continuity Can Help with Food Safety

"Implications of Information security, business continuity issues on the safety of the food supply chain is getting more and more attention. Whether disruption in the food supply chain from wars and other conflicts, or whether the description stem from a ransomware attack on a food processor, a grocery store, a restaurant, a warehouse, we need to be prepared.

No organization is “immune” from cyber-attacks, and ISO standards are not preventing cyber-attacks, but they will help to mediate the impact and may reduce the duration of the disruption. While regulation differ from country to country, there is a need to have a solid Governance structure.

At the end of the presentation, participants will have:

* A greater awareness that as Food and Agriculture are part of critical infrastructure, producers are a target for cyber attacks
* An understanding of the role information security plays in Food Safety
* Learn how to incorporate information security into their current governance system"