Webinar: Forensic Information Management Should Be More Than a LIMS

"Today’s law enforcement organizations need more than a LIMS. Historically, Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) were designed for testing labs. A conventional LIMS, for example, could be utilized to test water samples or raw materials in a manufacturing process. Forensic organizations require a case-focused system that encompasses the full evidentiary life cycle. For example, in the market, there are stand-alone quality management systems. A better approach is to employ a system that incorporates quality features to support compliance with ISO17025 and other regulatory bodies."

"As an attendee, you will learn more about:

* Why you need a forensic information management system versus a generic LIMS
* What functions should you expect in a forensic information management system
* How can you be confident the underlying technology is rigorous enough to support your operation for years to come"

Webinar: Stump the Expert: Myths and Misconceptions of Safe Lab Air Quality

"During this 'Stump the Expert' session, we will be prepared to hear from those within the scientific community about their questions, opinions, fears, and perceived risks on ductless fume hood technology. Those attending the session will be able to ask the expert any questions regarding the efficacy and performance of ductless filtering fume hoods. Learn the facts about ductless fume hood technology, the steps taken during consultation and installation to mitigate risks, and a checklist of what you should ask when shopping for these systems. In addition, there will be a live presentation on how to reduce exposure risks by holistically improving the labs' air quality through various filtration solutions."