Webinar: How to avoid the costly pitfalls of assay scale up

"Join leading R&D scientists with expertise in assay component selection, component workflow integration, lyophilization, point-of-care testing (POCT) assay cartridge design, and assay manufacturing at scale, as well as an expert in POCT regulatory approval, as they discuss the many issues assay designers face when scaling up to commercialization.

In this SelectScience® webinar, learn how to avoid the costly pitfalls that each aspect of the scale-up process can present and uncover the regulatory approval journey for POCT assays in cartridges."

Webinar: The importance of point of care testing in pediatrics

"Pediatric populations present unique challenges when collecting and processing laboratory samples. Many pediatric areas collect capillary samples, which are prone to clotting. In these areas, it is also important to minimize the amount of blood taken during laboratory sample collection. Point of care testing (POCT) can often be a great option to help minimize pre-analytic errors, decrease recollections, and aid in blood conservation.

Key learning objectives

* Discover the benefits of POCT in pediatrics
* Explore the challenges of collection and testing pediatric specimens
* Understand the impact of POCT on the workflow of pediatric settings"