Webinar: The Value of Laboratorians in Today’s Changing Healthcare Terrain

"Laboratory Professionals contribute to the science of medicine and enable everyone on the health care team to provide quality care. With the advent of new technologies and today’s changing healthcare terrain, our services will help every individual avoid or prepare for illnesses and disorders. Our invaluable information will expand our roles for years to come. […]

Webinar: Laboratory Value Pyramid as the Essential Blueprint for Volume-to-Value Journey

"The Laboratory Value Pyramid is a useful model for moving clinical laboratories from their current state to a best-of-class laboratory performer. This session provides a real-world perspective on how one laboratory team is using the Laboratory Value Pyramid as their blueprint and guide to support the lab’s transition from a volume-based operational model to an added-value-based model which is essential for success in the future.


* Discuss practical insights on how to engage the laboratory team to understand the need for change in response to changing healthcare requirements.
* Describe lessons learned in mapping the Laboratory Value Pyramid to the lab’s existing practices.
* Devise the optimal future state to help ensure success as a laboratory that adds value and contributes to improved patient outcomes."

Speaker: Denise Uettwiller-Geiger, PhD, DLM (ASCP), Clinical Chemist and Director of Clinical Trials, John T. Mather Memorial Hospital, Port Jefferson, NY
Note: Good for 1.0 P.A.C.E/Florida CEU

Webinar: Managed QC with BeyondCare Quality Monitor: Quantifying the Impact on Lab Quality Metrics

"BeyondCare Quality Monitor is a revolutionary new way to monitor analyzer performance, minimize downtime and maximize efficiency. This simplified approach to real-time quality assurance monitoring can detect slight changes in analyzer performance as they happen, which can impact not only laboratory performance but hospital performance as well."

After this webinar, you'll be able to:

"* Describe how the use of the BeyondCare Quality Monitor can positively impact laboratory metrics such as TAT.
* Discuss how BeyondCare Quality Monitor can have a positive impact on the laboratory budget.
* Explain how the change in laboratory metrics can impact hospital metrics such as ER length of stay."

Webinar: Understanding the Changes in Healthcare and Clinical Lab Marketplace

"This session will discuss current changes in the laboratory testing marketplace and the impact on healthcare. Major trends will be discussed specific to physician practice, reimbursement, government programs, and patient care. Opportunities for clinical laboratories and pathology groups to add value for patients, physicians, payers, and hospitals will be examined."

Note: "This session provides 1.0 complimentary P.A.C.E./Florida CEU"

Webinar: New ARBC Application and Impact on Lab Workflow and Patient Management

"Leveraging technology and software applications have transformed laboratory operations and patient care delivery, thereby allowing us to improve the laboratory’s value proposition and enhance patient outcomes. The availability of the ARBC application on the Cellavision addresses the final gap in digital cell imaging- the identification of clinically significant RBC morphology. The addition of the ARBC application complements the existing peripheral blood application, thus enabling labs to easily integrate the review of RBC morphology using automated, hands-free artificial neural network technology. The review of RBCs as part of the automated morphological cell examination of peripheral blood smears reduces laborious, manual time-consuming microscopy and allows labs to deliver rapid and more standardized test results."

Note: "This session provides 1.0 complimentary P.A.C.E.®/Florida CEU"

Webinar: Unusual Cases: Bridging Hematology with Flow Cytometry

"Multiparameter flow cytometry has become an integral tool in the work-up of abnormal WBC findings, allowing for rapid and accurate identification of abnormal cell populations, cell lineage assignment and assessment of clonality. This presentation will discuss a series of cases that demonstrate the utility of flow cytometry in the diagnostic workup of hematologic disorders presenting with abnormal WBC differential and incorporation of relevant criteria from the revised WHO Classification of Tumors of Hematopoietic and Lymphoid Tissues."

Webinar: Data Analytics and IT as Enablers of Lab Improvement

"This session will provide an overview of the benefits of implementing a value-driven strategy, focused on enhanced clinical decision support using lab results. Case studies in laboratory medicine will be shared to highlight the benefits of laboratory informatics.


* State the benefits of value-driven strategies to enhance clinical decision making using lab results.
* Discuss how informatics can impact laboratory medicine and healthcare.
* Recognize the role of informatics through case study examples.

​This session provides 1 contact hour through P.A.C.E.® and the state of Florida."

Webinar: Harnessing the Power of Change through Innovation

"Change is part of our personal and professional lives. We can harness the power of this change through innovation. In this session, we explore perspectives and tools to help you, and your team, use innovation to grow and succeed.


* Define how innovation can be applied to a laboratory environment
* Describe a process for creating innovation within a team setting
* Use innovation techniques to begin to define, and solve, difficult problems"

Webinar: What Happens in Washington Does NOT Stay in Washington: Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Update

"Many aspects of the legislative and regulatory environment influence our nation’s clinical laboratories. The workforce shortage for laboratory professionals continues to worsen which further impacts access to quality testing. This session will provide an update on key activities in Washington DC that directly affect the healthcare and laboratory environments.


* Describe the current status of the Preserving Access to Medicare Act that impacts our laboratories
* Summarize current initiatives to address laboratory workforce shortages
* Review current legislative initiative to address Laboratory Developed Tests"

Webinar: Leadership Disciplines for Laboratory Success

"Today’s laboratory industry faces increased competition, declining reimbursement and scarcity of qualified personnel. During today’s session, the speaker will outline 5 fundamental rules that labs should follow to promote operational success. He will also discuss four questions every successful lab leader should ask and address to maximize business operations.


* Outline strategies to overcome challenges facing clinical laboratories today
* Describe metrics and data to support business operations.
* State specific actions required to demonstrate the laboratory’s value in an Integrated Delivery Network"

Webinar: Quality Control Analytics: Change……For the Better

"Quality and efficiency are fundamental components in the success of laboratories. Tools that automate time consuming tasks can maximize staffing resources and improve processes. This session will highlight one system’s experience training, implementing and using Beyond Care Quality Monitor for Hematology (BCQMh) across 90 lab sites. The speaker will share best practices that can be adopted by laboratories seeking to gain efficiency by standardizing and simplifying their quality control policies using BCQMh.


Identify how to standardize BCQMh training of lab staff using Virtual Instructor-Led Training
Discuss how BCQMh can standardize QC troubleshooting across multiple lab sites
Explain how BCQMh can improve efficiencies across multiple lab locations"

Webinar: UN-2000: A Journey towards Automation

"Manual urine microscopy creates many time-consuming challenges that include lengthy centrifugation of urines and performing prolonged analysis under the microscope. This session will explore the process of moving from manual microscopy to automated particle analysis. The speaker will share his hospital’s automation journey which promoted workflow efficiency in the laboratory.


* Describe urine particle analysis challenges and the implications of standardizing test results
* Recognize the value of urine automation to improve lab workflow efficiency
* Discuss the clinical and operational benefits of imaging analysis technology"

Webinar: Implementing an Alternative Quality Control Method as Part of a Business Continuity Plan

"Implementing an Alternative Quality Control Method as Part of a Business Continuity Plan Objectives

* Identify the critical nature of a quality control business continuity plan.
* Describe the process of identifying single points of failures in their supply chain, including those beyond their direct vendor.
* State how a system develops and employs an alternative quality control plan for hematology."

Webinar: Sharing Best Practices – Urinalysis Automation Journey

"Sharing Best Practices: Urinalysis Automation Journey Objectives

* Recognize the value of urine automation to improve lab workflow efficiency
* State the implementation process and timelines involved in an automation conversion
* Identify post-implementation metrics involving specimen processing and auto-validation"

Note: "This session provides 1 contact hour through P.A.C.E. and the state of Florida"

Webinar: Urinalysis Lab Practices from Past to Present

"Event Session Objectives

* Appreciate the history of urine testing and recognize the benefits of automated technology.
* Explain the effect of normal, abnormal, and unusual urine colors on reagent strip testing.
* Suggest causes for discrepancies with puzzling urinalysis results through review of unique specimens."

"This session provides 1 contact hour through P.A.C.E.® and the state of Florida."

Webinar: Automated Sample Preparation In a Clinical Flow Cytometry Lab

"Event Session Objectives

* Recognize the benefits of automated sample preparation in a busy clinical flow cytometry lab.
* Identify key validation steps needed to implement an automated sample preparation system in the clinical setting.
* Examine the clinical utility of automated sample preparation through case study discussion."

Webinar: Navigating Neutropenia in the Pediatric Patient

"This session will outline steps to effectively navigate severe neutropenia in pediatric patients. Treatment options based upon laboratory findings and other test results will be reviewed. Interesting case studies will be shared highlighting the clinical work-up of neutropenia in this challenging patient population."

"After watching this webinar, the participant will be able to:

* Discuss the clinical evaluation of children presenting with severe neutropenia.
* State how the results of laboratory testing inform the treatment of neutropenia in pediatric patients.
* Recognize the work- up of neutropenia based upon case study review."

Webinar: Avoid the Pitfalls of Commonly Cited Laboratory Inspection Deficiencies

"CAP inspections can be stressful and tedious for even the most organized laboratories. During this session, an experienced CAP inspector will highlight some of the most cited deficiencies along with strategies to prevent common shortfalls. Tools and resources will be provided to promote lab compliance and efficiency.

After watching this webinar, the participant will be able to:

* Identify the most cited deficiencies.
* Describe how to improve laboratory processes and prevent common deficiencies.
* Discuss available tools and resources to help demonstrate compliance."