Webinar: The Hidden Impacts of HIT Infrastructure on Patient Care and Clinician Satisfaction

"When a healthcare organization’s technology fails, it doesn’t just disrupt operations: it hinders the delivery of optimal patient care. This session will outline the connectivity and cybersecurity technologies whose seamless operation is essential for today’s healthcare organizations, whether delivering on-site care or telehealth sessions. Understand why these technologies can help improve patient care, boost employee satisfaction and retention, and increase operational efficiency. And learn why essential to any technology strategy is a managed service partner committed to monitoring infrastructure and proactively identifying—and addressing—any issues before they affect your community’s health or data security."

Webinar: Interoperability: Bridging the Gap Between Clinical and Technical Aspects of Telehealth Services

"The COVID-19 crisis accelerated the digital transformation of healthcare delivery and the adoption of telehealth services. It also increased the need for innovative processes and redesigned workflows. Telehealth platforms offer more and more services to physicians and patients: triage, remote monitoring, clinical alerts, among many more. Facing the challenges of accessing and exchanging vital data from a growing number of systems, devices, facilities, and organizations, interoperability is more than ever a critical factor for successful telehealth delivery. Functionalities, specifications, requirements, clinical workflow: health and IT professionals need to work in close collaboration to bridge the gap between the clinical and technical aspects of telehealth. Sharing real-world experiences and best practices, this Digital Dialogue convenes health, information and technology experts to discuss the benefits and importance of interoperability in delivering effective and engaging telehealth services - for clinicians and patients alike."

Webinar: The COVID-19 Evolution: A New Breed of Endpoint Security

"As healthcare organizations ramp up on technology innovations to improve patient care and patient safety in the New Normal, cybersecurity continues to be one of the top concerns shared by IT decision makers and c-level executives, especially given limited budgets. But while most organizations invest millions in protecting laptops, servers, and data centers, they often overlook the importance in securing other critical parts of their IT infrastructure.

Please join Justine Bone, CEO of MedSec, and Michael Howard, Head of Security Practice & Analytics at HP, for an informative session on the current threat landscape and how healthcare organizations can prioritize and respond to the ever-evolving cybersecurity threats in these challenging times. In this session, we’ll go over the importance of best of breed cyber-resilience from all endpoint considerations, including PCs, printers, and medical devices, and provide practical insights on how healthcare organizations can keep their data safe from security breaches."

Webinar: Leveraging Data Analytics to Streamline and Optimize Digital Image Management

"While data analytics is already guiding a number of clinical and administrative activities within care organizations, the concept of a fully data-driven health system—supported by robust AI systems—is still an objective on the horizon for many of them. Digital imaging management is one area where data, collected from various systems, can already provide clear insights to drive protocol improvements and operational efficiencies. Has applying data analytics to digital imaging systems become common practice? Are we currently making the most of our data analytics capabilities and using the produced insights to drive decisions and optimize processes? Convening pioneers and experts, this digital dialogue will use real-world implementation case studies to share innovative approaches and discuss the benefits of applying data analytics to digital imaging management."