Mountain States Consulting, LLC
Type Limited Liability Company
Industry Laboratory informatics
Headquarters 970 West Broadway #471, Jackson, Wyoming, U.S.
Area served U.S.
Products Informatics consulting

Mountain States Consulting, LLC provides consulting services for laboratory informatics software solutions.


Mountain States Consulting (MSC) began as a technology consulting firm in 1986.[1] During the summer of 1994 the company was confronted by the data management problems of a local government laboratory. After sorting through several options MSC decided to tackle the problem directly and create a custom data management solution, installing it in April 1995.[2] That laboratory information management system (LIMS) went on to become MSC-LIMS.[1]

In July 2022, Vendor:J Street Technology, Inc. purchased the laboratory information management system MSC-LIMS from Mountain States Consulting.[3] [4] According to J Street, "The owner of MSC, Rick Collard, is partnering with J Street to provide software support, help us understand the system, and maintain some communication with existing customers" (source: personal correspondence).[3][5]

Prior offerings

MSC-LIMS was a GALP-compliant laboratory information management system (LIMS) "designed for small to mid-sized labs."[6] Is is now a solution of Vendor:J Street Technology, Inc.


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