June 18, 2014      
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

 Volume 12, Issue 22


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06/18/2014 - The Paperless Lab - A Practical Approach

CSols, Inc. Webinar: CSols, Inc. Webinar: “Paperless Lab” is a popular phrase being tossed around - and generating interest to achieve it - but there are many questions you must ask before diving it, like: Can you truly eliminate all paper in the lab? And should you? This webinar will answer these questions and more.
 Bid / RFP / RFI Opportunities

05/19/2014 - Request for Proposals - Laboratory Information Management System

The City of Charlotte intends to procure a new Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) solution to support lab operations within the Charlotte/Mecklenburg Utilities Department (CMUD).
 Recent News

06/18/2014 - RURO Solutions Gain ISBT 128 Certification

RURO, Inc., with its solutions in use in more than 1000 laboratories around the world, today announces its recent certification from ICCBBA for ISBT 128. From ICCBBA website (http://www.ICCBBA.com): “ICCBBA enhances safety for patients by managing and promoting the ISBT 128 international information standard for use in transfusion and transplantation.”

06/17/2014 - Agilent Technologies and PREMIER Biosoft Couple Hardware-Software Platforms to Advance Glycomics Research

Agilent Technologies, Inc. and PREMIER Biosoft today announced that a selection of Agilent's high-resolution mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography instruments now supports PREMIER Biosoft's SimGlycan software. The combined analytical strength of Agilent instrumentation and PREMIER Biosoft's glycan and glycopeptide data analysis software will open up a new level of discovery for researchers studying the biology of disease.

06/16/2014 - Privacy Analytics Launches Clinical Trials Data Sharing Solution for Pharmaceutical Companies

Privacy Analytics Inc. (www.privacyanalytics.ca), a leading provider of data anonymization solutions for the healthcare industry, today announced the availability of a new solution to enable pharmaceutical companies to share clinical trials data while protecting the privacy of individual participants. The new offering accelerates the ability of pharmaceutical companies to meet increasing requests for individual-level participant data and clinical study reports by academic institutions, patients and other third-parties.

06/10/2014 - Exhibitions Maintain Their Appeal For LIMS Specialist

Autoscribe, a leading provider of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), sees trade exhibitions as being an important part of its marketing activities over the coming year. Autoscribe’s Managing Director, John Boother, commented: “Our global marketing communications strategy has many different elements to it, but we fully appreciate the opportunities that exhibitions provide for face-to-face discussions with existing and prospective customers, whether it is at small specialist meetings or large trade shows.”

06/10/2014 - Blaze Systems Introduces A PreValidated Offering Of Its BlazeInventory Hosted SaaS Product for GxP Laboratories.

Today Blaze Systems announced the introduction of its hosted SaaS BlazeInventory product in a pre-validatedoffering for GxP laboratories. BlazeInventory manages and tracks laboratory materials including samples, reagents, standards, parts and consumables. In addition BlazeInventory offers high value functionality to also manage instruments, documents such as SOP's, and the creation and tracking of reagents and lab standards via ELN functionality.
 Upcoming Events

08/19/2014 - Next Generation Dx Summit

Access to next generation diagnostics will only be gained through careful creation and management of partnerships in the community around development, commercialization, reimbursement and regulation. This year’s Next Generation Dx Summit will showcase advances in personalized medicine through a comprehensive program encompassing companion diagnostics, infectious disease, cancer molecular markers, point-of-care, inherited disorders, cell free DNA and single cell sequencing.

08/18/2014 - The Bioprocessing Summit

The Bioprocessing Summit brings together international leaders to discuss today's bioprocess issues from cell line selection to bioproduction. The Summit provides practical details in a relaxed, congenial atmosphere that promotes information exchange and networking.

08/11/2014 - ImVacS: The Immunotherapies and Vaccines Summit


Productivity Is A Must When Managing The Efficiency Of Your Lab

Think of all the features and characteristics that may be keeping your lab from being as productive as possible. The list could be extremely long. In today’s lab environment these aren’t roadblocks but are merely challenges. At the highest level, what you are likely faced with is too much manual work for your staff and some operational processes that are inefficient or time consuming.

Common Pain Points when Finding a LIMS

A Laboratory Information Management System can be a lifesaver for a lab that does not have one. Properly implemented, a LIMS can increase productivity and efficiency almost immediately after installation as well as automate data management.
 LIMS Blog Postings

All new LIMS Book & Buyer's Guide released on-line for 2013/14

The new on-line edition of the LIMS Book & Buyer's Guide (http://www.limsbook.com) has just been released today with over double the number of listed vendor products from the 2012 edition. The guide provides a catalog of the industry's top tier vendors with product pricing information and technical details to allow you to compare LIMS/LIS and ELN products. The guide also contains a LIMSpec on each listed product with even more technical details as well as product demonstration videos.

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