November 30, 2016      
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

 Volume 14, Issue 46


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 Featured Journal Article

The impact of electronic health record (EHR) interoperability on immunization information system (IIS) data quality

Moving data between systems via an electronic exchange (interoperability) while keeping it clean is always a challenge. Data exchanged between electronic health records (EHR) and immunization information system (IIS) is no exception, as Woinarowicz and Howell demonstrate in this 2016 paper published in Online Journal of Public Health Informatics. Working for the North Dakota Department of Health, Division of Disease Control, the duo explain how setting up their IIS for interoperability with provider EHRs "has had an impact on NDIIS data quality." They conclude: "Timeliness of data entry has improved and overall doses administered have remained fairly consistent, as have the immunization rates ... [but more] will need to be done by NDIIS staff and its vendor to help reduce the negative impact of duplicate record creation, as well as data completeness."
 Event Focus

WED. DECEMBER 7, 2016, 6 PM - 8 PM EST: Networking and Cocktails for Drug Discovery Scientists

CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS: Join Benchling for an evening of cocktails with greater Boston area-based scientists. Connect with biology industry scientists from companies such as Editas, Synlogic, and Voyager Therapeutics, as well as researchers from institutions such as MIT and Harvard.
 Recent News

11/30/2016 - Genohm wecomes new Team members

Genohm has new Team members in Durham, Ghent and Lausanne. Check them out!

11/30/2016 - Autoscribe Informatics Expands Into New UK Premises

Autoscribe Informatics, developer and supplier of the Matrix Gemini Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), has moved to larger premises in the UK. As from 21st November, 2016, the company’s headquarters are located in Aldermaston, near Reading in the UK. This is a seamless transition for customers as the telephone number, e-mail addresses and website URL all remain unchanged.

11/28/2016 - SmartLabFlow Launches With its First Customer

SmartLabFlow, a recently launched process management platform created specifically for medical, environmental, and microbiological laboratories, has launched with its first customer: Ultimate Labs.

11/23/2016 - Abbott Informatics partners with Synergy

The energy company was looking for a LIMS platform that could automate its routine laboratory test scheduling, enable direct results captured from analytical instrumentation into the software, and reduce the amount of manual data input, report writing, and reliance on spreadsheets. The ultimate goal was to deploy a single LIMS system that would simplify data collation and visualisation, interrogation and analysis, and facilitate more informed decision making.

11/16/2016 - Dotmatics Announces Vortex for Bioinformatics

Dotmatics, a leading provider of scientific informatics solutions and services, today announced Vortex for Bioinformatics, an easy-to-use program designed to allow all bioscientists to analyse and visualise their data to make better-informed decisions.

11/15/2016 - Matrix Express LIMS Helps Train Future Chemical Technicians

The Matrix Express LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) from Autoscribe Informatics is being used as part of the Chemical Laboratory Technician major program at Bidwell Training Center (BTC), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. This course equips students with the skills needed to work in a wide range of laboratory environments, including R&D, processing, quality control and manufacturing.

11/15/2016 - Benchling launches bioregistration and inventory management system to enable accelerated biologics R&D

Benchling, the next-generation life science R&D software company, today announced the launch of its Bioregistry system, releasing groundbreaking capabilities for complex biological entity registration and strain management. The Bioregistry is a major addition to Benchling's cloud lab informatics platform and is integrated seamlessly with Benchling's native lab notebook and molecular biology tools.

11/15/2016 - Look at how Genohm’s SLims solution will benefit QIAGEN’s GeneReader users

Roger Küng, VP of Business Development at Genohm, was interviewed on the benefits that Genohm’s SLims solution brings to the users of QIAGEN’s GeneReader. During AMP 2016 in Charlotte, NC, the scientific media team of QIAGEN interviewed Roger Küng, VP of Business Development at Genohm, to get the insider view of the benefits that the integration of Genohm’s solution SLims brings to the customers of QIAGEN’s GeneReader.
 Webcast Focus

Webinar: Reduce cost, reduce risk, improve lab efficiency with LabVantage Pharma.

Are you looking to improve processes within your pharmaceutical lab? Are you burdened with complex legacy systems that manage your quality samples, testing and allied business processes? With a LabVantage Pharma LIMS solution, you can enhance your laboratory efficiency, while reducing complexity and costs.

What Does a LIMS Do?

A fundamental question that many people new to the informatics world ask is “What does a LIMS do?” The real answer is the answer given by Shrek who when asked about the nature of ogres replied “ogres are like onions, they have layers”. You read correctly, LIMS are like onions; they too have layers.
 Bid / RFP / RFI Opportunities

DUE: JANUARY 13, 2017: Request for Information - Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

The Agri-Food Laboratories (AFL) of the Department of Agriculture and Forestry (Alberta, Canada) require a new Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to replace the legacy system known as the Agri-Food Information Management System (AIMS).

DUE: JANUARY 19, 2017: Construction Materials Testing Laboratory Information Management System

State of Maine Department of Transportation

DUE DECEMBER 16, 2016: Lab Information Management System

Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE)

DUE DECEMBER 2, 2016: Request for Proposals - Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

The San Antonio River Authority Regional Environmental Laboratory - The purpose of the RFP is to obtain a Laboratory Information Management System that functions efficiently and effectively for an environmental laboratory. The current Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) does not provide all the functionality needed by THE RIVER AUTHORITY. Since this LIMS was implemented, THE RIVER AUTHORITY REL has expanded its service offerings as well. As a result, THE RIVER AUTHORITY plans to replace its current LIMS.

DUE DECEMBER 7, 2016: Request for Proposals - Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Lake County is seeking proposals from experienced Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) vendors for the purpose of replacing existing Aspen LIMS. As a result of this Request for Proposal (RFP) the County expects to receive and evaluate responses, select a single vendor and enter into an agreement for implementation of LIMS, including support, training, and maintenance.
 Upcoming Webcasts

Thinking About Buying or Replacing a LIMS? – Why Taking a Broader Technology Assessment Approach Will Save Time and Money

 Upcoming Events

FEBRUARY 19 - 24, 2017: Molecular Med Tri-Con

Why is the Tri-Conference the Premier Event on Molecular Medicine & Diagnostics? If you are working in diagnostics and drug discovery, this is the must attend event of the year. Attracting over 3,500 drug discovery and development professionals from over 40 countries in 2016, the Tri-Conference has grown into a diverse event, focusing on Molecular Medicine, specifically on Discovery, Genomics, Diagnostics and Information Technology. Why attend the Tri-Conference? HEAR over 500 speakers from across all industries, all research fields, and from all over the world; CHOOSE from over 400 presentations and panel discussions; NETWORK with 3,500 drug discovery and development professionals from over 40 countries; SHOWCASE your Research by Presenting a Scientific Poster (and save $50!); PARTICIPATE in one of 30 Roundtable Discussions; VIEW over 170 Scientific Posters; VISIT with over 200 companies in the exhibit hall

APRIL 4 - 5, 2017: Paperless Lab Academy 2017

2020 ROADMAP for DIGITAL CONVERGENCE: Transforming scientific information into actionable insight.The Paperless Lab Academy is the ideal learning platform, for those considering consolidating, integrating and simplifying laboratory data management systems. The PLA is recognized by Gartner as one of the best European Lab Automation events!

JANUARY 23 - 26, 2017: NELAC - Forum on Environmental Accreditation

With over 250 attendees, the Forum on Environmental Accreditation is the only conference that brings laboratories, regulatory agencies, data users, sampling firms, and many other organizations to discuss cutting-edge changes in environmental laboratory accreditation and future directions in policy that will have a national impact. In addition to the committee meetings and general sessions, attendees will have the opportunity to attend technical training courses, see the latest products and services in the industry and be able to network with peers.

DECEMBER 5 - 7, 2016: CRISPR: A New Era in Gene Editing

IQPC North America is proud to present CRISPR, A New Era in Gene Editing. We recognize that there are many ground breaking technologies, techniques, and researches occurring that are driving advancements in 2016 and beyond. The CRISPR event takes a comprehensive approach to understand the latest advances in gene editing to enhance drug delivery and develop clinical therapies. The industry’s sharpest minds will speak from their personal experiences and extensive expertise by means of case studies and in-depth workshops to improve CRISPR target efficiency and specificity and look toward the ultimate goal of personalizing medicine.

DECEMBER 5 - 7, 2016: Biological and Chemical Sensors Summit

Emerging technological innovations enabled by next generation sensors will define the landscape for the future commercialization of life changing products. The exponential growth of the global sensors market and the demand for next generation integrated systems is expected to reach $18 billion by 2018. CHI's international faculty of key industry and academic leaders will present the latest technological advancements of real-world applications within healthcare and emerging markets through our conference tracks, symposiums and tutorials.

DECEMBER 5 - 6, 2016: Laboratory Informatics Summit

This December 2016, join IQPC in a comprehensive discussion of the strategies used by both researchers and IT professionals alike in order to leverage laboratory informatics technologies to benefit data integration, compress the discovery-to-market timeline, bring a higher level of functionality to labs, and develop sleek and swift centralized solutions. Hear from big pharma and small within the bounds of the same conference-- presenting their key strategies in managing large volumes of information, swiftly implementing change on a macro and micro scale, and optimizing R&D capabilities to advance clinical research at a rapid pace.
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