December 13, 2017
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

Volume 15, Issue 47


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12/11/2017 - LIMfinder and LIMSforum have merged

Back in February 2017, and announced that they would be merging. Today, that merger is complete. We have listened to our user community and are focusing on developments and new content to provide more educational material. Open Source applications in the cloud and Open Access Journal articles and courses and whole lot more. Please visit: to explore all of the many features and discussions and upcoming features.
 Featured Discussions

12/03/2017 - EU GMP Guideline Annex 11 "Computerised Systems"

12/01/2017 - ISO HAS FINALLY PUBLISHED ISO/IEC 17025:2017 – General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories (3rd edition).

11/29/2017 - FDA compliance crisis still a threat.

11/28/2017 - How to avoid the worst CAPA system implementation pitfalls

 Journal Articles

11/02/2017 - Chemotion ELN: An open-source electronic lab notebook for chemists in academia

Unhappy with the electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) offerings for organic and inorganic chemists, a group of German researchers decided to take development of such an ELN into their own hands. This 2017 paper by Tremouilhac et al. details the process of developing and implementing their own open-source solution, Chemotion ELN. After over a half year of use, the researchers state the ELN new serves "as a common infrastructure for chemistry research and [enables] chemistry researchers to build their own databases of digital information as a prerequisite for the detailed, systematic investigation and evaluation of chemical reactions and mechanisms." The group is hoping to add more functionality in time, including document generation and management, additional database query support, and an API for chemistry repositories.

07/26/2017 - Electronic lab notebooks: Can they replace paper?

Where are electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs) going, and what do they lack? How does data from several user groups paint the picture of the ELN and its functionality and shortcomings? In this 2017 paper published in Journal of Cheminformatics, researchers from the University of Southampton and BioSistemika examine the market and users of ELNs/paper laboratory notebooks, intent of identifying areas ELNs could be improved. They conclude that optimally there should be "an ELN environment that can serve as an interface between paper lab notebooks and the electronic documents that scientists create, one that is interoperable and utilizes semantic web and cloud technologies, particularly given that "current technology is such that it is desirable that ELN solutions work alongside paper for the foreseeable future."
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