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10/30/2023 - LiMSforum is pleased to offer LiMShelp consulting to our laboratory members at no charge

LiMSforum publishes the LiMSpec to help your laboratory develop your LIMS requirements.  Today, LiMSforum now provides free LIMS consulting services to our laboratory members to help utilize the LiMSpec to capture all of the laboratory user requirements specifications (URS) and to develop a set of requirements that reflects the LIMS needs specific to your lab. To learn more about this offering, please click here.

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LIMS Selection Guide for ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratories

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What Role Does a LIMS Play in ISO 17025 Accreditation & Compliance?

While ISO 17025 accreditation can be achieved using manual, paper-based processes and documentation, it is extremely time consuming. It can be difficult to locate specific data, SOPs, instrument calibration histories, staff qualifications, certifications, or other necessary documents or files, and doubly so under the pressure of ISO audits – all while trying to maintain regular daily operations and meet TAT deadlines. That's where LIMS technology can make a real difference. [Read More]

Life Science Analytics Tools: Open Source or Commercial

The use of analytics in life sciences companies faces challenges that analytics in other industries do not. Life sciences organizations have unique data integrity needs because they deal with protected health information. Despite these challenges, the undeniable usefulness of analytical tools is leading to wider adoption in the life sciences. [Read More]

How LIMS Consolidation Can Support Quality Control in Food & Beverage

Paper-based data management processes belong in the recycling bin. If you’re still operating your labs on pen and paper or across disparate LIMS, read the article in Food Manufacturing written by STARLIMS’ Chief Product & Marketing Officer, Brandon Henning, to learn how consolidating LIMS across labs can support F&B businesses in enhancing security, improving productivity, and fostering collaboration. [Read More]

Setting a Data Strategy and Ensuring Data Integrity with Eusoft.Lab LIMS SaaS on Microsoft Azure Cloud

In today’s data-driven world, laboratory environments face increasing challenges related to managing vast amounts of data while maintaining its integrity and security. Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) are instrumental in handling these complexities. [Read More]

What is a cybersecurity plan and why does a laboratory need it?

Cybersecurity threats are a constant risk to organizations of any size and industry. Laboratories are not immune to these threats and face indirect risks, such as disruption of operations due to ransomware attacks. Effective cybersecurity plans are necessary to prevent unauthorized access and release of sensitive data, and laboratories should craft living documents that evolve with their operations and threat landscape. [Read More]

5 Reasons Why LIMS

Adopting Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) in the modern laboratory landscape is no longer a luxury but a necessity. LIMS can transform your laboratory operations and elevate your productivity.  If you’re unsure whether LIMS is right for your laboratory, here are 5 reasons why LIMS: [Read More]

Pixelle Specialty Solutions Release Updated LIMS Case Study

An updated case study from Autoscribe Informatics highlights how Pixelle Specialty Solutions uses Matrix Gemini LIMS for its manufacturing QA processes. Pixelle Specialty Solutions® is the largest and fastest-growing manufacturer of specialty papers in North America with one of the most comprehensive portfolios in the industry. Their products include many types of papers, envelopes, books, bags and even self-adhesive labels. [Read More]

Top Professional Associations for Clinical and Regulatory Affairs

Professional associations are vital channels for knowledge sharing, networking, and staying on top of emerging trends in any industry. In clinical and regulatory affairs, these organizations play a pivotal role in shaping policies, providing educational resources, and fostering collaboration among professionals. Here’s a look at some of the leading associations in this field. [Read More]

Instrument Integration is a Key Step in Therapeutic Antibody Discovery and Development Lab

Therapeutic antibody discovery and development labs assay hundreds to thousands of antibody candidates daily to hone in on the best candidates for clinical development. Accurate, complete plate maps are critical for sample traceability and experiment reproducibility. Using LIMSense™, a modern LIMS from AduroSys, can ensure seamless integration between instruments and LIMS without sacrificing flexibility in plate map design. [Read More]

 Journal Articles

11/13/2023 - Quality control in the clinical biochemistry laboratory: A glance

In this 2023 article published in Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, Naphade et al. provide a brief introductory-level review of the importance of quality control (QC) to the clinical laboratory. After a brief introduction on clinical lab testing, the authors analyze the wide variety of sources for laboratory errors, covering the pre-analytical, analytical. and post-analytical phases. They then introduce the concept of quality control, followed by explaining how QC is implemented in the laboratory, including through the use of QC materials, statistical control charts, and shifts and trends. They conclude this review by stating that "reliable and confident laboratory testing avoids misdiagnosis, delayed treatment, and unnecessary costing of repeat testing." They add that given these benefits, "the individual laboratory should assess and analyze their own QC process to find out the possible root cause of any digressive test results which are not correlating with patients' clinical presentation or expected response to treatment."

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11/16/2023 - Paperless Lab Academy® 2023 USA

MASTER YOUR eDATA LIFE CYCLE:  The Paperless Lab Academy® is thrilled to finally land in the United States after so many requests from sponsors and attendees. We celebrated the 10th edition in Europe and are now coming to the U.S. with a strong and thought-provoking program to discuss everything about mastering your data life cycle. Register now and discover the program.