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LIMS Selection Guide for Food Safety and Quality

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A LIMS Mitigates Risks for Paper-Based Labs

Maintaining a paper-based system poses several risks to your lab including unintelligible, unreachable, rigid data that is difficult to share, store, and secure. A laboratory information management system (LIMS) is the solution to a paper-based laboratory’s challenges and risks. [Read More]

Key Success Factors in Laboratory Instrument Management

In today’s fast-paced world, laboratories are expected to produce research at a rapid rate. All too often, organizations attempt to face this challenge by simply purchasing faster, newer instruments and overlook the keys to successfully getting the most out of their investments – automation and instrument management. To maximize the efficiency and utilization of equipment and instruments while minimizing risk and waste, it is crucial that automated laboratories efficiently manage their laboratory equipment lifecycle through every phase...[Read More]

Streamlining Data-Intensive Scientific Workflows and Supply Chains Through FAIR Data, Data Models, and Applications

With increasingly complex manufacturing and supply chains in the life sciences, there is a requirement for flexible and extensible tools to support data management. Through partnership, L7 Informatics and SciBite are leveraging FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) to deliver an ontology-backed data unification solution to address this unmet and growing need. This connection, and use of both systems, will help you end up making use of your data, and providing limitless data intelligence. [Read More]

Save Time and Effort with Agilent SLIMS predefined configurations

Agilent SLIMS was developed to facilitate you digital transformation. SLIMS uses a modular approach to support any type of lab and integrate with laboratory equipment. To make setup even easier, we have prepackaged configurations to install from the SLIMS Store to save you time and money during the process. [Read More]

Don’t Try Your Luck at a Solo LIMS Selection-Work with an Expert

Don't Try Your Luck at a Solo LIMS Selection-Work with an Expert Everyone feels lucky on St. Patrick’s Day (unless you’re an island-dwelling snake). It takes wisdom, however, to recognize that “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”  So, today is your lucky day; this is your opportunity to learn what preparation you need to undertake a successful LIMS selection process. It’s our business to impress upon you, in plain English, the wisdom of working with a consultant in making your LIMS selection.  [Read More]

Things to consider while choosing a LIMS Solution in 2023

In today’s global scientific community, laboratories worldwide are recognizing the importance and necessity of implementing a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). The implementation of a LIMS provides a plethora of advantages to laboratories, including the ability to eliminate paper records, reduce human error, increase precision, streamline data management, improve efficiency, and automate processes. [Read More]

What is Energy Independence and Is It Attainable?

When a US election season is in full swing or gas prices at the pumps start to rise, the discussions among partisan politicians and constituents alike turn to the phrase “energy independence.” But what does energy independence mean, and is it reasonable to expect the United States to ever achieve it? [Read More]

Biorepository Solution

The Biorepository Solution is an implementation and validation accelerator which uses industry-standard features, expertise, and experience to expedite return on investment and reduce project risk. Learn more about how Thermo Scientific SampleManager software provides industry-leading laboratory, process, and data management capabilities, with the foundation to track and manage samples securely. [Read More]

The benefits of AWS for QLIMS customers

AWS (Amazon Web Services) brings significant benefits to QLIMS customers by providing a secure and scalable cloud-based infrastructure for comprehensive laboratory data management. With AWS, QLIMS users can enjoy easy access to their data from anywhere, powerful computing resources for data processing and a range of security and compliance features to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of their data. [Read More]

Astrix Adds Industry Veteran to Help Drive Next Stage of Growth

 Astrix, a market leader in creating and delivering innovative strategies, solutions, and people to the life science community, today announced the appointment of industry veteran John Moran as Vice President of Strategic Clients and Channels. [Read More]

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03/20/2023 - Bridging data management platforms and visualization tools to enable ad-hoc and smart analytics in life sciences

In this 2022 journal article published in Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics, Panse et al. discuss the state of research-based core facilities that share research resources across institutions or organizations, in particular in regards to data and information management. The authors note that the "interdisciplinary nature of such scientific projects requires a powerful and flexible platform for data annotation, communication, and exploration," and the authors—associated with the Functional Genomics Center Zurich (FGCZ)—present B-Fabric, their solution to data and information management in such settings. After providing a brief background, the authors discuss the development and application of B-Fabric at FGCZ, along with lessons learned. They conclude that with systems like B-Fabric, "ad-hoc visualizations and analytics can be realized on top of an integrative platform that captures and processes any kind of data and scientific processes." The platform is also able "to decouple metadata management from data processing and visualization components" while also optimizing specific software software environments for different research areas.

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2 weeks ago - LIMS Full Stack Software Engineer

insitro - South San Francisco, CA 94080

At insitro we are trying to greatly increase the success rate of drug development by combining human biology and machine learning, at scale.To enable that...

3 weeks ago - Laboratory Systems Administrator

Seattle Public Utilities - Seattle, Washington 98134

An online application including response to the supplemental questionnaire must be fully completed for consideration. Please DO NOT attach resumes and cover letters, as they will...

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