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I'd really like to expand my library and encourage my children to start getting familiar with these software, however I would prefer to do it with open source software for a lot of reasons. 

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Hi everyone, we have launched first Open Source Scientific Notebook on Kickstarter yesterday.

sciNote helps you manage your laboratory work and stores all your experimental data in one place. 
With Kickstarter campaign we want to build a large community of users and contributers, get funds to make sciNote available to all scientists on a secure server and develop additional features tailored to each scientist's research.

We appreciate any comments and questions or support by backing our project and sharing our Kickstarter campaign with your colleagues! 
Let's make science digital together!

Hi all,  We have just published our final educational guide of 2015! It is widely accepted that laboratories should perform QC at least every day of patient testing. However, is this the right QC frequency for every assay and for every laboratory? Is running QC once per day really sufficient? What is the "right" frequency for running QC samples in your laboratory?
Randox QC explores the questions laboratories must ask in order to determine the "right" QC frequency. If you ask the "right" questions, you'll get the "right" answers.
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I wondering if you would provide me with the information I needed. There is a similar post to this one which discusses LIMS implementation for a university project. This post is for the same problem, for clarification, we are required to propose a bid from a condensed/summarised requirements document and mostly this involves research and guess work.

I was wondering (not sure if this is the right forum for this, so apologies if it isn’t) if a GP practice has 2 doctors and 1 nurse’s office plus a reception with 2 PC’s; does each PC need a separate LIMS installed.

What I assumed/researched was that each PC would need a separate interface, thus the total number of licenses needed for this location would be 5 if we are to assume that each doctor and nurse have their own PC in addition to the ones in the reception. I haven’t a clue how a GP practice would work, would the receptionists need an interface installed on their PC’s?

This is probably a daft question but how are LIMS installed; general software i.e. Microsoft office can be downloaded from the internet and run on a PC. I understand that LIMS software isn’t general and would take a large amount of time to be downloaded from a server thus I am assuming that the software is placed on a flash drive or something similar and taken to each location in turn and installed on a PC? How long would you say one installation takes generally? I understand this is dependent on the complexity of the software; there are many different software vendors for LIMS and all the versions of LIMS would be different.

Also the cost and time would depend on how many people you would hire for the job.

  • Project manager

  • Business analyst

  • Senior developer

  • Developer

  • Tester

Are the list of people I came up with.

If you had

  • 15 wards

  • 20 departments

  • 30 GP practices

Would you recommend a larger team?

Finally whilst I was doing my research I came across tenders that have been put up by the NHS. I should state that this is an upgrade project thus most of the infrastructure is already in place (hardware might need upgrading). The NHS upgrade LIMS tenders give a budget of 1.5 million to 7 million. When I try to break down that cost and apply it to my project; I don’t understand why it would cost that much unless I am missing something very important?

Sorry about the wall of text, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have created a new group just for announcing conferences and webinars and other such events.  If you have an announcement to share of that nature, please post it in that group.  It will be seen and not ignored.

The home page of the LIMSforum shows the list of all postings chronologically.  So no posting should get missed.  However they are sorted out into the appropriate group so that those who follow certain groups do not have to worry about discussion posts that are not on-topic.
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Less than two weeks to register with early-bird discount for the third edition of Innovation for Health February 18th in WTC Rotterdam. The conference is the premier event on Healthcare and Life Sciences innovations. It brings many key figures and decision makers together from industry, academia, finance, politics and puts young entrepreneurs, upcoming scientists and creative designers in the spotlight. The conference allows you to gain new ideas and inspiration to identify new contacts and opportunities for collaboration while you are being updated with the latest developments within Life Sciences & Healthcare. For further information and registration - Click Here
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Scientists often claim that a LIMS really only benefits the Management, not them. Is this really the case?

 Read more here
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I will always use the secure page option if it's available. So I tried this on the limsforum.com site but my reader says it's an illegal option since the certificate is for lablynx.com. So please fix a correct certificate instead.

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The Complete Guide to LIMS & Laboratory Informatics: 2016 Edition will be released the first or second week of January 2016. As in previous editions, there will be two vendor components: a tabular vendor directory of LIMS, LIS, ELN, CDMS, and SDMS vendors; and a list of commercial vendors with public pricing via the Laboratory, Scientific, and Health Informatics Buyer's Guide page.

To clarify, that content is pulled directly from LIMSwiki (http://www.limswiki.org). The vendor records there are built on factual and cited information that is made public by the vendor or by third-party news sources. Like Wikipedia, we do not allow marketing language or puffery. The more information a vendor makes public about their offerings, the more we can add.

That said, if you're a LIMS, LIS, ELN, CDMS, and/or SDMS vendor and:

* don't see a vendor record on the wiki
* do see a vendor record but see URL errors or relevant facts that can be added (and can also be cited from your website or a news article)
* have made pricing about your offerings public and want to be included in the
 list of commercial vendors with public pricing

... leave a message here and I'll help resolve the issue. Thanks!

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