January 3, 2018
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

Volume 16, Issue 1


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12/24/2017 - Please help me to know the basic difference between ISO 17025 :2005 and ISO17025:2017

12/18/2017 - Are Employees still at the root of most cyber breaches?

12/16/2017 - certification of testing laboratories in compliance with ISO 9001

 Journal Articles

12/28/2017 - Rethinking data sharing and human participant protection in social science research: Applications from the qualitative realm

Social science researchers, like any other researchers, produce data in their work, both quantitative and qualitative. Unlike other sciences, social science researchers have some added difficulties in meeting the data sharing initiatives promoted by funding agencies and journals when it comes to qualitative data and how to share it "both ethically and safely." In this 2017 paper, Kirilova and Karcher describe the efforts of the Qualitative Data Repository at Syracuse University, considering the variables that went into making qualitative data available while trying to reconcile "the tension between modifying data or restricting access to them, and retaining their analytic value." They conclude that such repositories' goals should be towards "educating researchers how to be 'safe people' and how to plan for 'safe projects' – when accessing such data and using them for secondary analysis – and providing long-term 'safe settings' for the data, including via de-identification and appropriate access controls."

09/12/2017 - Electronic laboratory notebooks in a public–private partnership

The electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) is implemented in a wide variety of research environments, but what are the special requirements of a public-private partnership? In this 2016 paper published in PeerJ Computer Science, members of the TRANSLOCATION consortium — "a multinational and multisite public–private partnership (PPP) with 15 academic partners, five pharmaceutical companies and seven small- and medium-sized enterprises" — carefully present the process they took in selecting, installing, supporting, and re-evaluating an ELN for their scientific research. The group concludes that selection, implementation, change management. user buy-in, and value-added ability are all vital to the adoption and use of an ELN in a PPP.

Does your lab use #Slack? Many folks say it is a game changer for them.

Below is a discussion that I recently posted on Linkedin.  If you use #Slack or are considering it within your work environment, you will want to check out this lively discussion:

More LIMS Myths - Busted

One of our past blogs entitled “Top 5 LIMS and LIMS Consulting Myths – Busted!” was met with great enthusiasm.  Interestingly, several of the comments on this blog pointed out other LIMS myths and misconceptions.  After reviewing these and taking stock with several of my fellow lab informatics aficionados, we have decided to revisit this topic and present here several more LIMS myths that deserve public busting.

Holiday Planning Tips for a Joyous LIMS Project

Let’s explore some of the holiday planning and preparation tactics that can be leveraged to help make your LIMS project a true celebration.

Improving the Efficiency of Cannabis Testing Laboratories using Affordable Cloud-based Lab Information Management System (LIMS)

Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is a flowering plant indigenous to Central and South Asia. The plant has been valued since ancient times for its psychoactive, medicinal, and fibrous properties. With the increasing legalization of both recreational and medical cannabis, there is a need for robust and reliable cannabis analytical testing to ensure consumer safety and potency.

01/03/2018 - CloudLIMS December 2017 Newsletter is Out!

01/03/2018 - Thermo Fisher Scientific Completes Acquisition of Phenom-World

01/03/2018 - Inspirata Acquires Toronto-based Artificial Intelligence In Medicine, Inc. (AIM) to Enhance its R&D in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing

01/03/2018 - Matrix Gemini LIMS Chosen By The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre Biobank

 Upcoming Webinars

01/23/2018 - Webinar: How Researchers Use Open Source Tools to Facilitate Collaboration

"This webinar will explore how researchers use new technologies to manage their workflows, facilitate collaboration, and share aspects of their work. Panelists will present examples of different research teams’ collaborative processes, including how they managed roles, archived study materials, and made sharing determinations. They will also describe how the choice of tools allows them to have insight into the active research process and consult on preservation and discovery. The researchers profiled all use the Open Science Framework (https://osf.io) as a collaborative research platform to house their diverse project materials, along with other related cloud-based platforms."

02/15/2018 - Webinar: Better Answers Faster: Drive Instrument Innovation with 95% QE and Computational Imaging

"Modern biomedical instrumentation for research or diagnostic applications often rely on cameras as detectors. Cameras in instruments are employed for many purposes ranging from high resolution fluorescence imaging in HTS/ HCS to quantifying protein concentrations in chemiluminescence-based western blotting. Photometrics has long been a partner for instrument builders when a camera is needed. Recently released cameras have pushed the boundaries of imaging technology as well as pioneered the pragmatic application of computational imaging. Computational imaging is the practice of harnessing processing power available in integrated FPGAs to deliver not only images, but better answers faster. In this webinar, the Photometrics OEM division will share how they encourage their partners to break the model of “cameras are only good for imaging.” Cameras can be thought of as the engine at the center of an instrument and as such can do much more than just produce images." Speaker: Steve Smith, PhD, OEM Marketing Manager, Photometrics
 Upcoming Trade Events

02/03/2018 - SLAS2018

02/22/2018 - Software Design for Medical Devices Europe

02/26/2018 - Pittcon

03/05/2018 - HIMSS 2018

 Bid Opportunities

01/09/2018 - Request for Proposal: Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

01/15/2018 - Request for Quote: Laboratory Services

01/16/2018 - Request for Proposal: Laboratory Analysis of Equine and Greyhound Blood and Urine Samples

01/18/2018 - Invitation to Bid: As-Needed Laboratory Analytical Services

01/25/2018 - Request for Proposal: Biomonitoring & Analytical Water Testing

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