May 29, 2019
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

Volume 17, Issue 22


In This Issue

 Upcoming Webinars

06/04/2019 - A Structured Approach to Implementing a LIMS

06/06/2019 - Astrix Webinar – The Importance of Strategic Planning in Laboratory Informatics Projects

06/12/2019 - Ensuring ISO 17025:2017 compliance in your Laboratory

06/19/2019 - Webinar: Case Studies in Lab Acquisitions—The Impact on Clinical and Lab Operations

 Featured Books

Laboratory Information Management for Cannabis Quality Assurance

The Complete Guide to LIMS & Laboratory Informatics

 Journal Articles

Chemometric analysis of cannabinoids: Chemotaxonomy and domestication syndrome

In this 2018 paper published in Scientific Reports, Mudge et al. of the University of British Columbia attempt to demonstrate how a growing loss of biodiversity is occurring across strains of Cannabis due to cultivation practices. The authors introduce current research on the "understanding of metabolite commonality and diversity within plant species" and hypothesize that simply measuring cannabinoid potency (Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) content is not sufficient in painting a proper picture of cannabinoid composition and the resulting impact of breeding programs. The authors then get into the results of their analytical research, discuss their findings, and conclude that, at least in Canada, " evaluating single metabolite classes [of available Cannabis strains] does not provide sufficient information to understand the phytochemical diversity available."

Health Informatics and Technology in Decision Making

This is a Doane University-created course that is released on the edX platform. The self-paced three-week course is designed to help learners "[g]ain an understanding of how healthcare informatics is deployed in diverse healthcare systems around the world." The course is free to take, with a Verified Certificate of completion available for $149. (The course is also part of a Healthcare Administration MicroMasters program.) The course requires on average five to ten hours a week of effort.

Smarter Chatbots with Node-RED and Watson AI

This three-week edX course, with instructors from IBM, will teach you "how to use Node-RED to augment the capabilities of your Watson Assistant chatbots by integrating services such as Watson Translate and Text to Speech. You'll also practice deployment of chatbots to Facebook Messenger."
 Featured Discussions

05/23/2019 - Does anyone know of any software that is dedicated to collecting data from various instruments?

05/21/2019 - EAI / ESB Choice

05/21/2019 - LIMS to Instruments Connectivity via MIDDLEWARE

05/20/2019 - Chemistry Analyzers for Medium-Size Labs

04/30/2019 - ELN implementation to a CRO


5 Things to Document When Justifying a LIMS or ELN

Data Integrity: The Importance of a Quality Culture

 Upcoming Trade Events

06/03/2019 - APHL 2019

06/04/2019 - Infosecurity Europe 2019

07/18/2019 - Southeastern​ 2019 Hemp & Medical Cannabis Convention

08/04/2019 - Clinical Lab Expo 2019

09/25/2019 - Pharmaceutical IT Congress 2019

10/22/2019 - LIMS-Forum 2019

11/07/2019 - NGS & Clinical Diagnostics Congress 2019

 Bid Opportunities

05/31/2019 - Registration of Interest: NIWA Laboratory Information Management System

06/06/2019 - Request for Quotation - Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Software

06/06/2019 - Request for Proposals: Lung Cancer Screening Management System Solution

06/10/2019 - Request for Information: Computer Software for U.S. EPA, Region 7

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