June 9, 2020
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

Volume 18, Issue 23


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COVID-19 Testing, Reporting, and Information Management in the Laboratory

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06/09/2020 - Selecting a Managed Services Partner for Laboratory Informatics

Scientific organizations face ever increasing pressure from business stakeholders to reduce costs while improving operational efficiency, scalability, and agility. Laboratory research is more complicated and dependent on informatics than ever. IT organizations are seeking a solution through the development and deployment of an integrated laboratory informatics strategy and infrastructure.

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06/09/2020 - National Institutes of Health (NIH) Research Updates – June 2020

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is our nation’s medical research agency and strives to make scientific discoveries that improve health and save lives. Founded in 1870, the NIH conducts its own scientific research through its Intramural Research Program (IRP), which supports approximately 1,200 principal investigators and more than 4,000 postdoctoral fellows conducting basic, translational and clinical research. In this blog, we will highlight recent ground-breaking NIH research.

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06/09/2020 - Autoscribe Informatics Expands African Distributor Network

Further expanding its growing distributor network Autoscribe Informatics has appointed Sciencescope Ltd. as a distributor in Africa. Based in Kenya, Sciencescope will distribute and support the Matrix family of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) products.

06/02/2020 - COVID-19 Testing, Reporting, and Information Management in the Laboratory

COVID-19 Testing, Reporting, and Information Management in the Laboratory

Comprehensive guide to all aspects of testing and information management related to COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2. Amidst the rapidly-changing and conflicting messages surrounding testing in the current pandemic, LabLynx, Inc., has published a free online book of carefully researched and fully cited news, facts and resources to serve as a reference for the laboratory and laboratory informatics industry.

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 Journal Articles

06/02/2020 - Bridging the collaboration gap: Real-time identification of clinical specimens for biomedical research

In this 2020 article published in Journal of Pathology Informatics, Durant et al. of the Yale New Haven Health system present the results of their attempt to automate the identification and notification of laboratory biospecimens for biomedical researchers. Noting biospecimens' value to basic, translational, and clinical research, the authors wanted to get around the "technical, logistic, regulatory, and ethical challenges" of accessing biospecimen data. They developed Prism, a tool built on open-source technology for efficiently identifying and notifying investigators of biospecimen availability in real time. The authors present details of two use cases and conclude that their "solution is highly scalable to meet the needs of even large academic centers and reference laboratories," while also guaranteeing that the virtualization of the associated workflow "within a microservices environment does not introduce a performance penalty."
 Upcoming Webinars

06/11/2020 - Webinar: What is a LIMS?

06/18/2020 - High-Throughput Molecular Biology From Your Living Room

06/24/2020 - Astrix Webinar – Planning and Executing a LabVantage LIMS Validation

 Other News

06/09/2020 - Proscia’s Concentriq Digital Pathology Software Has Been Deployed By UNITY Biotechnology to Accelerate Research and Development

06/09/2020 - OpGen Expands Partnership with New York State Department of Health and IDC to Detect Antimicrobial-Resistant Infections

 Bid Opportunities

06/09/2020 - Request for Information: Laboratory Information Management System for the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

06/12/2020 - Request for Proposals: Clinic and Long-Term Care Facility Laboratory Services

06/29/2020 - Request for Proposals: Development of Laboratory Information Management System

06/29/2020 - Request for Renewals and Applications: Environmental Response Laboratory Network (ERLN) Analytical Support Services

07/17/2020 - Request for Tenders: Laboratory Information Management System for Ireland's Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine

07/31/2020 - Request for Tender: Laboratory Information Management System for Pathology

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