May 19, 2021
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

Volume 19, Issue 20


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The Complete Guide to LIMS and Laboratory Informatics: 2021 Edition

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05/19/2021 - Choosing a Lab Informatics Strategy: What’s Best for Your Startup?

Laboratory informatics is a critical piece of the puzzle for clinical diagnostic lab startups. Without some serious thought about how they’ll manage their instruments, software, and data management tools, labs can find themselves travelling along a well-worn but meandering path... [Read More]

05/19/2021 - The Advantages of Switching to LIMS from Excel and Paper

The public perception of laboratories is that they are filled with the latest technology and make use of extensive automation. The reality however is that many laboratories still use paper notebooks and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to store, manage and manipulate their data. [Read More]

05/19/2021 - A Renewed Focus on Customer Success in the Wake of COVID-19

LIMS vendorThe COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the forefront many vulnerabilities in the way that we communicate, move around, access healthcare, and conduct business. The year-long distance and resulting loss of connection has caused personal and professional strain for almost everyone. [Read More]

05/19/2021 - Make LIMS work for you

LIMS is developed into a complex software solution. Sometimes too complex!  Does it still fulfil its purpose to support your lab process and reduce you administration?  Is it still manageable if your processes change or develop, or does it block your Lab Grow?  [Read More]

05/19/2021 - Moving to a Cloud-based Chromatography Data System (CDS)

Over the last year, it feels like the world has become more spread out and more remote, but we are all finding ways to work closer together while separated. Within labs, work must continue, and one way to ensure remote access with remote support is to move toward laboratory systems in the cloud. [Read More]

05/19/2021 - What are Data Silos Doing to Your Laboratory’s Productivity?

The R&D landscape by nature is in a constant state of flux, with varying needs for instrumentation, software applications, and workflows. As a result, data can end up in silos; fragmented, unstructured, and inaccessible by other groups.
 Journal Articles

05/11/2021 - Blockchain-based healthcare workflow for IoT-connected laboratories in federated hospital clouds

What do the internet of things (IoT), cloud computing, and blockchain all bring to the table of healthcare, particularly during a pandemic? Celesti et al. demonstrate in this 2020 article published in Sensors that the considerate combination of these technologies can lead to a "scenario where nurses, technicians, and medical doctors belonging to different hospitals cooperate through their federated hospital clouds to form a virtual health team able to carry out a healthcare workflow in secure fashion." The authors show how an IoT-connected laboratory that feeds its instrument data into a federated hospital cloud integrated with a blockchain engine can lead to less patient movement and better security of patient data, while also allowing nurses, doctors, and other practitioners from any of the connected hospitals to review results and issue treatments from a distance. They show the results of several experiments with such a system and conclude by promoting its benefits, as well as the possibility of extending the system to the pharmacy world.
 Featured Jobs

2 weeks ago - Sr IT Project Manager - Portfolio Management

PPD - Middleton, WI 53562

Title: Sr. Project Manager – Portfolio ManagementDivision / Dept.: Information TechnologyLocation: Middleton, WI (Office or Home Based)Note: Full time, Benefits, Relocation Assistance AvailablePPD is a...

2 weeks ago - Validation Analyst II

PPD - Middleton, WI 53562

  Title: Validation Analyst II – Data Integrity Division / Dept.: Lab Support – IT Location: Middleton, WI (Office Based) Note: Full time, Benefits, Relocation...

4 weeks ago - LIMS Consultant

Certified Group - Remote (Canada or US), Remote Remote

100 % Role for US and Canada candidates Hi LIMS Gurus, I’m trying to help out a partner of mine. We urgently need LIMS Developers,...


Laboratory Information Systems Project Management: A Guidebook for International Implementations

While not a laboratory informatics course in itself, this APHL guidebook certainly contains a full class-worth of material. Developed over several years with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this guide collects comprehensive information from informaticians and laboratorians in multiple countries in regards to the implementation and project management of laboratory information systems (LIS) in the public health setting.
 Upcoming Webinars

05/27/2021 - Digital Transformation Webcast Series: The Seamless Lab

05/30/2021 - Webinar: LIMS - The Complete Management Solution for Your Laboratory

06/10/2021 - Digital Transformation Webcast Series: Make Better Decisions About Your Biotherapeutic Earlier

06/23/2021 - Expert Insights – Strategies for Leading a Successful Digital Transformation in the Laboratory

 Featured Discussions

05/02/2021 - LIMS for asbestos lab

04/28/2021 - Six Essential Features When Evaluating a LIMS for Reagent & Lab Inventory Management

04/07/2021 - Client looking to purchase large stake in LIS company

04/06/2021 - What is Hospital Management Information System & Software?

03/30/2021 - Decent OOTD external portal examples (that integrate nicely into a LIMS)?

 Bid Opportunities

05/26/2021 - Request for Information: Forensic Laboratory Information Management System

05/29/2021 - Request for Quote: Supply of LIMS for the USAID-ETICA project in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan

06/04/2021 - Request for Tenders: LIMS system for PET radiopharmaceuticals

06/11/2021 - Request for Tenders: Contract relating to the supply, configuration, commissioning and maintenance in operational conditions of a LIMS software package

06/11/2021 - Request for Proposal: Human Tissue Repository Laboratory Information Management System

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