Blockchain-based healthcare workflow for IoT-connected laboratories in federated hospital clouds

What do the internet of things (IoT), cloud computing, and blockchain all bring to the table of healthcare, particularly during a pandemic? Celesti et al. demonstrate in this 2020 article published in Sensors that the considerate combination of these technologies can lead to a “scenario where nurses, technicians, and medical doctors belonging to different hospitals cooperate through their federated hospital clouds to form a virtual health team able to carry out a healthcare workflow in secure fashion.” The authors show how an IoT-connected laboratory that feeds its instrument data into a federated hospital cloud integrated with a blockchain engine can lead to less patient movement and better security of patient data, while also allowing nurses, doctors, and other practitioners from any of the connected hospitals to review results and issue treatments from a distance. They show the results of several experiments with such a system and conclude by promoting its benefits, as well as the possibility of extending the system to the pharmacy world.

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