March 30, 2022
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

Volume 20, Issue 13


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HIPAA Compliance: An Introduction

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03/30/2022 - STARLIMS Announces the Release of its Quality Manufacturing Solution (QM) V12.3

News Post Thumbnail STARLIMS Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the STARLIMS Quality Manufacturing (QM) Solution v12.3 release, which is built on the latest STARLIMS Technology v12.3 platform. [Read More]

03/30/2022 - Addressing Staffing Shortages with LIMS

There has been a lot of talk recently about the use of technology in lab operations to save time and automate previously manual tasks, especially using a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Much has been written about how LIMS can be used to automate processes in laboratories ... [Read More]

03/30/2022 - Developing a Successful Data Quality Framework – Part 1

In the pharmaceutical industry, data quality is an imperative. The challenge is that the volume and complexity of that data continues to grow in the R&D area. Given critical business decisions need to be made utilizing this data, it is essential to ensure that data is accurate to make timely decisions... [Read More]

 Journal Articles

03/08/2022 - Does cannabis extract obtained from cannabis flowers with maximum allowed residual level of aflatoxins and ochratoxin A have an impact on human safety and health?

Mycotoxins, toxic secondary metabolites produced by fungi, have been known to be a significant concern in cannabis testing, particularly when considering medical cannabis patients. Plant material must certainly be tested for mycotoxins, but what about extractions created from that plant material? Do mycotoxins in the plant transfer to the extracts? This journal article by Serafimovska et al. provides the results of research examining that issue. The authors first provide background about mycotoxins and cannabis, and then they discuss the materials and methods (as well as their validation) used in their research. In their discussion and concluding remarks, they note that making extracts from plant materials with the maximum allowed amount of mycotoxins added to them produced extracts with mycotoxins "in an amount much higher than the amount in which we added them." They add: "With this experiment, we have shown that aflatoxins as extremely toxic secondary metabolites, can reach critical values in cannabis extracts obtained from dry cannabis flowers with the maximum allowed quantity of aflatoxins ... [and] can pose a great risk to consumers and their health, especially to those with compromised immune systems."

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2 weeks ago - Technical Consultant/Senior Technical Consultant

Autoscribe Informatics - Home based, Lakeville USA, or Reading UK

Interested in LIMS and live in the USA or UK? Want to help Laboratories make the most of their informatics systems? We continue to grow our technical team in 2022. Our...

 Upcoming Webinars

04/28/2022 - Webinar: Using LIMS Data Analytics to Drive Laboratory Efficiency and Quality

04/27/2022 - Astrix Webinar Leveraging data analytics to derive valuable insights

04/20/2022 - Webinar: Thinking “Out of the Box” When Implementing LabVantage LIMS

04/19/2022 - Webinar: Rising to the Challenge – The Role of AI Technology in Healthcare

04/07/2022 - Webinar: Open Forum: Ask an Experienced Lab Manager

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06/14/2022 - HIMSS Europe 2022

06/01/2022 - e-Health 2022 (Toronto)

05/17/2022 - APHL 2022

05/09/2022 - Pathology Informatics Summit 2022

04/26/2022 - Paperless Lab Academy 2022

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05/13/2022 - Request for Proposals: Clinical Laboratory Services

04/13/2022 - Invitation to Bid: Microbiology Analysis for Drinking Water

04/08/2022 - Request for Quotation: Point of Care COVID-19 Testing Program for EPA

04/07/2022 - Request for Bid: Victorville Water District Annual Supply Agreement for Laboratory Testing Services

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