September 28, 2022
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

Volume 20, Issue 39


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The Laboratories of Our Lives: Labs, Labs Everywhere!

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09/28/2022 - Insights into Paperless Test Method Execution in a GxP Compliant Environment Using Logilab ELN

Agaram Technologies' Logilab ELN is an Electronic Lab Notebook meant to shift laboratories from all scientific verticals into a fully paperless environment built for speed, convenience, compliance, and accuracy. Across pharma, biotech, life sciences, and many other scientific disciplines, Logilab ELN is pivotal for both research data capture and test method execution with its rich array of revolutionary features. It is a powerful catalyst of change and digital transformation, helping laboratories in highly regulated industries to move into a better workflow, safely and without downtime. [Read More]

09/28/2022 - Importance of Labs in the Food and Beverage Industry

In the twenty-first century, ensuring food and water security remains one of humanity’s most critical jobs, especially in light of mounting worries about the adverse effects of climate change. Many segments of the global population face the dismal reality of inadequate food supplies, constrained access to clean water, and hunger if food and water security are not continuously prioritized. This includes all of the quality and safety guarantees that go along with it. Food and beverage laboratories conduct various types of testing. [Read More]

09/28/2022 - Creating Product Roadmaps for Your Software Portfolio

COVID-19 accelerated the process of digital transformation for many enterprises. To meet the demands of today’s competitive business environment, organizations are integrating digital technologies and business applications at an accelerating pace. Yet with more and more project managers utilizing Agile methodology (94% of respondents in the 15th Annual State of Agile Report noted that their organization practices Agile), industry leaders need a clear plan to  sustain a long-term vision and achieve desired outcomes. [Read More]

09/28/2022 - Big Data’s Impact on a Digital Transformation of Life Sciences

In Life Sciences we have data that we would classify as “Big Data”. That being high in volume, velocity, or variety. This Big Data is fundamentally transforming the industry. The explosion of health-relevant data enables new opportunity for R&D transformation; however, tools are needed to store, manage, and analyze this data. [Read More]

09/28/2022 - Laboratory Business Intelligence Reporting – where does my work come from?

QLIMS BI_where does my work come from What are the main questions on a Laboratory Manager, Laboratory Director, Quality Manager, COO and/or CFO’s mind which are asked of the laboratory?  There is operational reporting which is metrics related to how the laboratory is performing and useful to know on a regular basis. Examples may be turnaround time for testing and how many samples of what test are being processed.  [Read More]

09/28/2022 - Achieving quality and scalability in lithium mining with LIMS

Lithium batteryLithium-ion batteries remain the gold standard for energy storage, providing a lightweight, portable, and rechargeable source of power for a wide range of applications. The current growing demand for electric vehicles has put renewed focus on the methods used to mine & extract lithium for energy storage use, including the quality & scalability of these processes. Lithium mining operations involve a wide range of teams & workflows, from quality control (QC) and research & development (R&D) laboratories, through to metal accounting, environmental monitoring, & process control. [Read More]

 Journal Articles

09/26/2022 - Development of Biosearch System for biobank management and storage of disease-associated genetic information

For some lab-based organizations, commercial software is financially out of their reach or unsuitable for their needs. These organizations often turn to developing their own system to meet their needs. Karim et al. of King Abdulaziz and Temple University are no exception, in this 2022 paper explaining the development of their Biosearch System, a web-based laboratory information management system (LIMS) for biobanking and biomedical research. After a brief introduction, the authors provide details of their development philosophy and the software requirements for their LIMS. They then explain how the system functions, along with the results of a performance test using their own existing biobank data. After discussing the significance of their system, they conclude that "Biosearch System is a user-friendly LIMS solution for managing biobank specimens and their associated clinical information to facilitate genomic medicine research, leading to the discovery of disease biomarkers and therapeutic targets."

 Featured Jobs

7 hours ago - Senior Scientist Project Manager - Center for Anti-Infective Research & Development

Hartford Hospital - Hartford Hospital, CT 06102

Work where every moment matters. Every day, almost 30,000 Hartford HealthCare employees come to work with one thing in common: Pride in what we do, knowing every moment...

3 weeks ago - Cannabis Lab Director, CSO, Tech Needed

AV Consulting Services, LLC - Grand Rapids, MI 49507

Michigan-based startup cannabis testing laboratory looking for a Lab Director, CSO and Lab Tech. Email for details.

 Upcoming Webinars

10/26/2022 - Understanding the Foundational Needs to Support AI/ML

10/05/2022 - Webinar: Forensic Information Management Should Be More Than a LIMS

10/05/2022 - Webinar: SARS-CoV-2, Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses Update – 2022

 Bid Opportunities

12/31/2023 - Request for Information: Laboratory Information Management System for Laboratory eTools Repository

10/31/2022 - Request for Proposals: Laboratory Information Management System for the Maryland Department of State Police

10/18/2022 - Request for Proposal: Laboratory Information Management System Replacement

10/14/2022 - Invitation to Bid: Cannabis Testing Laboratory Information System (LIMS)

10/13/2022 - Request for Proposals: Forensic DNA Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

09/30/2022 - Request for Information: Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) for Joint Product Manager, Chemical Detection and Mobile Analytics

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