Development of Biosearch System for biobank management and storage of disease-associated genetic information

For some lab-based organizations, commercial software is financially out of their reach or unsuitable for their needs. These organizations often turn to developing their own system to meet their needs. Karim et al. of King Abdulaziz and Temple University are no exception, in this 2022 paper explaining the development of their Biosearch System, a web-based laboratory information management system (LIMS) for biobanking and biomedical research. After a brief introduction, the authors provide details of their development philosophy and the software requirements for their LIMS. They then explain how the system functions, along with the results of a performance test using their own existing biobank data. After discussing the significance of their system, they conclude that “Biosearch System is a user-friendly LIMS solution for managing biobank specimens and their associated clinical information to facilitate genomic medicine research, leading to the discovery of disease biomarkers and therapeutic targets.”

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