December 28, 2022
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

Volume 20, Issue 52


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 Featured Content

12/27/2022 - The Cost of Buying Cheap Laboratory Software

When shopping for a laboratory information management system (LIMS), it’s best to remind yourself of the old idiom “you get what you pay for.” Deciding to add a LIMS to your laboratory is not a decision to take lightly, nor is choosing the best LIMS vendor to handle your project. Taking the time to make specific inquiries about your requirements, understand how the price is calculated, seek out references, and question things that seem too good to be true will save you the time and money of investing in LIMS software this year, and replacing it the next. [Read More]

12/27/2022 - Controlled data capture using Labsheets in Logilab ELN

Managing data is a crucial aspect of any laboratory of the modern age, regardless of its nature and type of activity. The Logilab Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) is a key part of this data management process in a laboratory, particularly pertaining to controlled data capture. But how exactly does the software solution developed by Agaram Technologies achieve this functionality? And why is it important that laboratories should ensure controlled data capture in the first place?  [Read More]

12/27/2022 - Guide to State Pay Transparency Laws for Employers Part 2

As pay transparency laws become increasingly common across the United States, employers must understand their obligations. These laws promote pay transparency, foster equity in salary practices, and reduce salary disparities between genders, races, and other categories. The range of regulations varies by state; this is part two of our two-series blog post. We cover the remaining states with statewide pay transparency laws, what those laws entail, who is affected, and what employers need to know. [Read More]

12/21/2022 - Answers to Five Common Questions About Validation

If you operate computer software, at some point you may need to consider some aspect of validation. As an end user of any software, you benefit from the validation and testing that software underwent before it got to you. Validation of systems or instruments assures all parties that the object of the validation will function as intended. It is a valuable exercise for any organization, even those that aren’t in industries subject to government regulations around CSV. This blog looks at questions that many of the organizations we work with have around computer systems validation (CSV). [Read More]

12/21/2022 - Enhancing the scientific lab experience Part 1: The lab-centric environment

Digital transformation is the bedrock of an overall positive scientific experience in the lab. For truly successful digital transformation, both the physical and data lab environments need to be carefully brought together. Lab information management systems, or LIMS, are an ideal solution, effortlessly integrating these two settings. This two-part blog series explores how to use LIMS to enhance the overall scientific experience: in this first blog, we focus on how flexible interaction with LIMS can improve the lab-centric environment. [Read More]

 Journal Articles

12/19/2022 - Construction of control charts to help in the stability and reliability of results in an accredited water quality control laboratory

In this 2022 article published in the journal Sustainability, da Silva et al. of the Polytechnic Institute of Beja demonstrate the usefulness of control charting in the realm of maintaining water quality. Using a test case of wastewater from a treatment plant associated with a slaughterhouse, the authors describe their materials and methods, which progressed from wastewater sample to analysis and databasing of the results, followed by analysis quantification and control charting. In this article, they show 10 control charts associated with five test variables, demonstrating the usefulness of the control charts in identifying at least one significant set of out-of-specification results, likely associated with a treatment failure at the facility. They conclude that the results demonstrate "how rapid detection of variations in small scales on control charts allows the lab to better act upon identifying potential causes of variability," and they "show it is possible to state that all points are under statistical control, and thus by extension these types of control charts can have routine value in the laboratory."

 Featured Jobs

4 weeks ago - Data Engineering, Lab RD

Pivot Bio - Berkeley, CA 94577

About Pivot Bio:  Fueled by an innovative drive and a deep understanding of the soil microbiome, Pivot Bio is pioneering game-changing advances in agriculture. Our products...

4 weeks ago - Technical Consultant

Autoscribe Informatics - Home based (HQ Lakeville USA)

Interested in LIMS and live in the USA? Are you a US citizen? Want to help Laboratories make the most of their informatics systems? We continue to grow our technical team...

4 weeks ago - Senior Software Developer – Remote, UK

Autoscribe Informatics - Reading, Berkshire RG7 8DA

Autoscribe Informatics is seeking to strengthen its Development team and invites candidates to apply for the role. The successful candidate will be involved in the...

4 weeks ago - Technical Sales Consultant – Software West Coast Territory

Autoscribe Informatics - Home based (HQ Lakeville USA)

Autoscribe Informatics is looking for a strong, well accomplished, Sales Consultant to join the sales team of our fast growing software and services informatics company....

 Upcoming Webinars

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01/12/2023 - Webinar: Practical Solutions to Drive Automation in Your Laboratory

 Bid Opportunities

12/31/2023 - Request for Information: Laboratory Information Management System for Laboratory eTools Repository

02/01/2023 - Request for Proposals: Laboratory Information Management System for Padre Dam Municipal Water District

01/23/2023 - Request for Comments: Physiological Laboratory Information System

01/16/2023 - Invitation to Tender: Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

01/06/2023 - Request for Information: Enhanced Pathways Utilizing Data Transport Mechanisms for the Acquisition of Cancer Data for NCI's Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End-Results (SEER) Program

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