May 16, 2006      
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

 Volume 4, Issue 20


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Introducing, the on-line LIMS Specification Database

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Using Benchmarking Metrics To Improve Laboratory Productivity

Understanding ISO 17025

This makes a lot of sense....

Key Factors for a Successful LIMS Implementation in a Water/Wastewater Facility

Optimizing Product Certification Time A Six-Sigma Approach to LIMS

 Recent News

05/15/2006 - EKM Corporation Signs On as Preferred Partner with Toshiba

05/15/2006 - Cascade Microtech Provides Powerful Measurement and Calibration Software For Agilent’s Network Analyzers

05/15/2006 - New Portal Streamlines Laboratory Compliance Information, Saves Time and Resources

05/11/2006 - Stone Bond Technologies Launches Enterprise Enabler(R) Instrument Interface Suite For Life Sciences

05/11/2006 - Top Marks for QSI in LIMS Survey

05/11/2006 - Thermo Electron and Fisher Scientific to Combine in Industry-Transforming Transaction

 Polls & Surveys

What most influenced your LIMS Selection?

Please tell us what factors were most important in the selection of your LIMS. If you have not yet selected a LIMS, please let us know what factors are most important to you.

Custom LIMS vs. Commercial LIMS Product

Tell which type of LIMS you would prefer.

LIMS Satisfaction Poll

Tell us how satisfied you are with your current LIMS or how unsatisfied.

Web Browser Based LIMS vs. Traditional Windows LIMS

Which do you prefer?
 In the Press

Lab Manager Magazine

Lab Manager Magazine strives to provide the most current thinking and trends in all areas of laboratory management.

Controlled Environment Magazine

Your online and print source for information on all aspects of contamination detection and control in the life sciences and microelectronics markets.

Forensics Magazine

Provides forensic professionals with information on the newest and most relevant technology, trends, products, and solutions.

Infoworld Daily (IFW) Technology Podcasts

Inforworld provides daily news on the latest Information Technology. With the IFW podcasts you can listen to this news in an Internet radio format. This is conveniant if you would like to be able to keep up with the latest news but simply don't have time to read about it. You can use the IFW as your IT news radio program.

Bio-IT World News

 Upcoming Events

06/20/2006 - A&WMA's 2006 Annual Conference & Exhibition

06/19/2006 - International Congress on Nanobiotechnology & Nanomedicine (NanoBio2006)

06/17/2006 - HPLC 2006

06/11/2006 - American Water Works Association 2006 Annual Confernece and Exhibition

06/08/2006 - Audio Seminar: Using the Internet to Improve Productivity in Laboratory Environments

06/05/2006 - Indiana University School of Informatics - Laboratory Informatics Summer School

06/04/2006 - Applying Mechanisms of Chemical Toxicity to Predict Drug Safety

06/01/2006 - Audio Seminar: Congratulations, You're a Supervisor. Now What? Proven Rules New Managers Should Know

05/28/2006 - 54th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry

05/23/2006 - Compound Management, Integrity & QC 2006

05/23/2006 - Protein Crystallography 2006

05/23/2006 - e-Clinical Trials 2006

 Bid / RFP / RFI Opportunities

05/16/2006 - Presolicitation Notice - laboratory services

05/15/2006 - Request for Proposal - Laboratory Information Management System

05/08/2006 - Contract Advertisement - Laboratory Analytical Services

05/01/2006 - Request for Information - Laboratory Information Management System

04/28/2006 - Request for Proposal - LIMS Needs Assessment and RFP Development

 Job Postings

1/8/2006 - LIMS Jobs on

1/8/2006 - Laboratory Jobs and Careers posted on

05/09/2006 - LIMS IT MGR or DIRECTOR

05/04/2006 - Regional Sales Manager - California

05/02/2006 - Documentation Classification

05/02/2006 - Validation Consultants

05/02/2006 - LIMS Analyst

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